What Do Scorpios Look Like?

The Typical Scorpio Appearance


Scorpio's reputation often precedes this sign, so it's not uncommon for someone to wonder what people born under the sign of Scorpio tend to look like. To begin, take a look at the eyes. Typically, this is the first clue that you are dealing with an individual who has Pluto in her chart. Scorpio eyes are typically almond shaped, shiny and reflective. In fact, the eyes are very reminiscent of shards of glass because of their mirror-like reflection.

The Face of Scorpio


Scorpio faces come in two forms; pert and delicate or substantial and solid.

The most distinctive feature, other than the eyes, is the nose which stands out thanks to Scorpio's co-ruler, Mars. Mars will often provide at least one broad feature, and this will be either the forehead or the nose. This is true for men as well as women.

Watchful and Alert


Scorpio almost always looks very alert and watchful; this is not a sign that is often caught gazing out into space.

A Scorpio's gaze is quick and will often dart around in an attempt to see everything in the environment, including what is behind her. If you see a person with this trait, he or she may be a Scorpio.

Sexy and Magnetic


Scorpios have a tremendous amount of personal magnetism, and there is usually something in their manner that commands attention. It might be in the way natives of this sign stand, or even just a flick of their wrists.

No matter what it is, something intangible will draw you to look at a Scorpio.

Footwear Fetish


Scorpios are very particular about their shoes. Even if the Scorpio you know wears sneakers or flats, you can bet that her footwear will garner plenty of attention when it's time to go out .

Women of this sign often opt for sky-high heels or boots, while men will select shiny, broad shoes.

Mysterious and Captivating


This is one mysterious-looking sign.

Often, Scorpio is tight-lipped and loves the color black. This creates a compelling and magnetic aura around her. In fact, Scorpio is the original master of the poker face.

A Hint of Danger


Along with that personal air of mystery, there's also often a hint of danger in a Scorpio. Something about this sign's energy clearly seems to say "back off" or "stay away." This doesn't mean that Scorpios do not enjoy close personal friendships. Instead, the energy works as an invisible shield that keeps out anything or anyone that might seem threatening.

The physical characteristics of Scorpio will yield greater clues about the mysterious eighth sign of the zodiac.

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What Do Scorpios Look Like?