Tarot and Divination

Tarot for Beginners: Reading Cards and Interpreting Meanings

Tarot for Beginners: Reading Cards and Interpreting Meanings

Perhaps you've had several tarot readings, are fascinated with the cards, and are ready to begin learning to read the tarot cards. If so, you'll enjoy this tarot guide for beginners. Reading tarot cards can be… Keep reading »

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3-card tarot spread

Tarot is one of the most well-known forms of divination, but it isn't the only one. Other popular methods of divination include using a pendulum, reading tea leaves, and palmistry, among many others. You can use divination to gain insights into challenges you face in order to help you find solutions. It's an excellent, practical tool to help you tap into higher guidance.

What Is Divination?

Divination is using what are considered supernatural or occult tools to gain insight into universal wisdom. There are various methods that have been used for centuries across cultures for purposes such as predicting the future, talking to spirit guides, receiving guidance, or gaining insight into aspects of your life. A few types of divination include:

Tarot Cards for Beginners

Tarot cards and oracle cards are one type of divination. Tarot cards are symbolic and have archetypal meanings to provide insight. While you can study the tarot for years to become an expert in this art, even beginners can follow a simple process for using a tarot deck.

Choose a Simple Tarot Card Spread

Once you have your ideal tarot deck, you'll want to explore topics, such as simple card spreads to perform a reading. For example, a three-card spread provides you with insight about the past, present and future and can be used in response to questions about a current circumstance. You can also conduct "yes and no card spreads" and then advance to more complex tarot card spreads.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards aren't the same thing as tarot, but you can use them similarly. An author or artist designs a deck, and he cards have specific meanings decided by the deck's creator. You can pull a single card and read the meaning to gain insight.

Use Divination for Insight

Divination can help you understand how probable it is that something will occur and provide insight into forces affecting your life. These simple tools require some practice, but even beginners can quickly learn to use divination tools and tarot cards to gain better understanding about their own lives.

Tarot and Divination