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In astrology, it is not so much your sun sign that influences sexual impulses and behavior. The planet Mars has been the traditional force behind how one asserts himself on the world. It is true that other major planets such as the moon and Venus can have an impact on how smoothly one expresses his needs and romantic inclinations. However, when it comes to the purely carnal nature of sex, Mars is the primary planet of interest.

Mars in the Natal Chart

In a natal chart, Mars is represented by the traditional male glyph. This symbol appears as circle with an arrow pointing outward, towards approximately two o'clock. An astrologer will determine in which house and sign Mars will appear in the chart by using an ephemeris, an astrologer's tool that determines the position of movement of celestial bodies during regular intervals.

The Force of Mars

Mars is one the five major planets--also called "personal planets"--in your natal chart. Whereas the sun governs your soul's ambitions, the energy of Mars is more raw and physical. Mars, named after the Roman god of war, represents your urges and primal desires. This energy can interact with that of any other planet in the chart. For example, an individual with a sun and moon in Pisces should exhibit some strong Piscean qualities. However, if in the same chart Aries has in its home planet Mars, the latter's dominantly aggressive nature may show vividly in the individual's life.

How you tackle the world, stressors, projects and people will all be evident based on the placement of Mars in the zodiac. The energy of this planet is manifested differently by the four basic astrological elements: fire, earth, air and water.

  • Mars in Fire: The assertion of Mars will be in full swing when this planet is emphasized by its core element, fire. Expect highly aggressive, passionate, or active individuals that pursue their goals ruthlessly and without hesitation.
  • Mars in Air: The verbal and intellectual powers of air will become all the more evident. Such persons will assert themselves conversationally and through analysis and reason. Loquacious, gregarious and imaginative personalities will be highlighted by a Mars in air.
  • Mars in Water: The energy of Mars is subdued. These individuals assert themselves through intuition and by examining the needs and desires of others. Interaction is stimulated through depth and meaning.
  • Mars in Earth: Such persons assert themselves through tenacity, hard work, and tireless self-discipline. Challenges are met pragmatically and carefully.

Mars within the Zodiac

The zodiac signs are not limited to their triplicities (the four elements). Even within the same element, signs differ from one another. The quadruplicities--cardinal, mutable, and fixed--account for the nuances of similar zodiac signs and how differently Mars will be manifested within all twelve signs.

Mars and the Twelve Signs
Mars in... Triplicity Quadruplicity Manifestation of Energy
Aries Fire Cardinal Sexually direct, competitive, forceful and passionate. A confidant lover.
Taurus Earth Fixed Commonly considerate, steadfast, and loyal lovers. Sexually appreciative.
Gemini Air Mutable Sexually stimulated by lively and clever conversations. Sexually distracted.
Cancer Water Cardinal Sexually affected by all manner of emotions and fears. Stimulated by loyalty and protective surroundings.
Leo Fire Fixed Stimulated by attention. Ego must be soothed and exalted for optimum performance.
Virgo Earth Mutable A hardworking and attentive lover. Can be destroyed by sexual criticism. Such criticism is often self-induced.
Libra Air Cardinal Stimulated by charm and beauty. Sex must be uncomplicated.
Scorpio Water Fixed Sexually intense. Must feel that the depths of his soul are shared and understood. Fiercely loyal.
Sagittarius Fire Mutable Stimulated by adventure and discovery. Abhors sexual routines.
Capricorn Earth Cardinal Sexually decisive. Seeks partners cautiously. Favors long-term partnerships. Strongly sexual, though conventional.
Aquarius Air Fixed Sexually eccentric at times. Stimulated by personal freedom. Favors a change of partners. Can be sexually aloof.
Pisces Water Mutable Sexuality is driven by dreams and deep emotional moods. Needs to be nurtured. Requires solid emotional connection.

Mars and Gender

The astrological manifestations of Mars are not gender specific. Biological differences between males and females account for some of the differences in which Mars' energy is displayed. Cultural factors also influence the flow of Mars, often inhibiting this energy in females while allowing a freer expression for males. Therefore, the energy of Mars cannot be distinguished on an astrological level, but only on a basis of culture and physiology.

Key Considerations

Though Mars is a significant contributor in the area of personal relationships, particularly sexuality, it should be noted that natal charts are also affected by the aspects that accompany Mars' placement. Most planets in a chart include some manner of aspects, whether positive or negative. The trines, sextiles, conjuncts, and oppositions in a natal chart will either harmonize or bring in conflicting energies that may throw off the direct energy of Mars.

In fact, some astrologers believe that negative aspects surrounding Mars can explain all manner of sexual dysfunctions. If your Mars sign doesn't seem to account for how you perceive your sexual energy, it may be that a planetary aspect is reigning in a source of conflicting energies. In such cases, it is advisable to seek out a professional person-to-person astrologer who can help identify any sources of conflict within your natal chart.

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