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Experiencing Your Saturn Return and What to Expect

Experiencing Your Saturn Return and What to Expect

You pass through different stages in life that astrology can help you navigate. The first significant rite of passage is your first Saturn return. This happens to everyone between the ages of 27 and 30. To quote… Keep reading »

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planets and celestial objects

Astrology is an ancient art that has always had looked to the skies. In fact, the entire art of astrology is based around how the planets in Earth's solar system rotate around its central object, the sun, and how those objects and other heavenly bodies affect the lives, impulses, and personalities of humans that inhabit planet Earth.

Planets in Astrology

There are ten objects that are considered planets in astrology:

Each of these planets appears in a natal chart, which is a circle representing Earth's orbit around the sun. And each of these planets falls into one of the 12 zodiac signs and one of the chart's 12 houses, influencing important aspect of everyone's natal chart, such as needs and desires, personality, emotions, communication, relationships, and more. By learning where each planet falls in someone's natal chart, you can begin to better understand who they are and what drives them.

Celestial Objects in Astrology

There are other non-planetary heavenly bodies in the sky that also can influence astrology. These include objects such as asteroids like Eros and minor planets like Chiron. These heavenly bodies are often lesser known within the context of astrology, since some were only recently discovered, and others appear in the night sky only occasionally. Still, just as planets affect a natal chart, so do other objects in the sky, so learning about them can provide more individual insight.

Keeping Eyes on the Skies

Since the time of the ancients, people have looked to the skies and wondered at the meaning of what they see there. As mankind has evolved, so has astrology, and today the placement of heavenly bodies can provide insight into life on Planet Earth.

Planets and Celestial Objects Astrology