What a Capricorn Stellium in a Natal Chart Means

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A Capricorn stellium can introduce positive and negative influences to your natal chart. A stellium in Capricorn means grounding and stabilizing energies profoundly affect your life.

Capricorn Stellium Overshadows Natal Chart Energies

A stellium in Capricorn makes a power grab for your natal chart. As an earth sign, Capricorn serves as a stabilizing energy to the various energies generated at the time of your birth, especially sun signs, rising signs and moon signs. These energies can't dominate your life when a stellium (three or more planets) is present.

Capricorn Stellium vs Water Signs

Capricorn gives a water sign (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio) form and structure. Water signs are often consumed by emotions and have a difficult time finding their life purpose. A Capricorn stellium provides a form for water signs along with channels for expression of their gifts.

Capricorn Stellium and Fire Signs

Capricorn can tamp down some of the more erratic and aggressive energies of a fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Aries is less aggressive, Leo's ego and flamboyance are curbed, and Sagittarius isn't as restless or seeking non-stop stimuli.

Capricorn Stellium and Air Signs

Capricorn slows down the rapid movement of air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Capricorn tethers air signs and helps to ground air signs to some practicalities.

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Capricorn Stellium and Earth Signs

Capricorn stellium can be too much of a good thing in an earth sign dominated natal chart. The good traits of earth signs will be reinforced, but so will the negative ones. A Capricorn stellium can make the person too rigid, too controlling and too stubborn.

Capricorn Stellium Influences

A stellium in Capricorn will influence you in certain areas of life. Much depends on which house it's located. These personality traits govern your life choices.

Capricorn Stellium Makes Good Leaders

With a stellium in Capricorn, you have natural leadership skills. You have a tendency to be heavy-handed, so you'll need to find your equilibrium as a boss. You are respected and admired by your employees, coworkers, and supervisors.

Resourceful Attribute

Capricorn stellium gives you many useful attributes. Being resourceful is a powerful trait that can help you throughout life, especially when it comes to problem-solving. You know how to assess situations and find solutions.

Stellium in Capricorn Is Ambitious

You receive a healthy dose of ambition from a Capricorn stellium. You have a clear idea of what you want in life and you make logical plans with various goal markers to achieve what you desire.

Excellent Work Ethic

You are bestowed a very strong work ethic by a Capricorn stellium. You understand the financial reward of hard work and how your efforts support your family. You enjoy a structured work environment, knowing what is expected of you and what you can expect from your employment.

Career Advancement

You are a true professional and constantly seek ways to increase your knowledge of your industry. You always seek innovations to help you do your job more efficiently and ways to improve the end product and company. You have your career mapped out and you follow your plan to reach each ladder rung.

Stubborn Streak

A Capricorn stellium gives you a wide stubborn streak. This attribute is common in zodiac earth signs. You can use this trait to help you reach goals. For example, stubbornness can help you continue when it would be easy to give up. Stubbornness can support your determination to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals.

Making a Home

With a Capricorn stellium, you are focused on creating a home. You know how important a cozy décor is to give your home the right ambience. You work hard to ensure your home reflects warmth and security by selecting the right colors, textures and patterns.

Family Dedication

A stellium in Capricorn gives you an undying dedication to your family. You serve as the anchor for your family and even your extended family. They seek your advice and turn to you for comfort. Capricorn offers stability and a consistency that stabilizes a family.

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Family Mediator

You won't allow the family bonds to be broken. It doesn't matter if there's a falling out, you'll still maintain your family ties and do whatever you can to restore peace. You won't rest until reconciliation is achieved and relationships have been restored.

Community Involvement

You take a genuine interest in your community. You recognize the connection that community spirit has in creating a healthy environment for your family and other families to thrive. You volunteer for community efforts you agree with and speak out against those you feel may harm the safety and security of your community.

Know Your Neighbors

You take the advice to know your neighbors to heart. You want to know the people you live near and establish a relationship that ensures your family's place in your world. You are a good neighbor and you offer assistance when needed.

Established Support Network

You have an excellent support network established in your town. Many people come to you for referrals for things like car repair, who is the best plumber in town and so on.

Capricorn Stellium Means Earth Sign Dominance

A stellium in Capricorn is grounded in the earth sign. Capricorn has a rippling effect throughout your natal chart.

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