Scorpio Midheaven: Careers, Persona, and Purpose

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You can use a Scorpio midheaven (MC) to discover your best careers and reveal your life purpose. Scorpio midheaven can also impact your persona with its powerful energies.

Personal and Career Skills With Scorpio in Midheaven

With a Scorpio in midheaven, you have the uncanny ability to read people. You can tell immediately when someone is lying. This ability is like a sixth sense that subconsciously reads a person's body language, various personality nuances, voice inflictions, and a host of other sensory perceptions.

Laser Focus Work Ethic

You also have an amazing ability to focus on one thing and hone in on it like a laser beam. You have tenacious staying power for seeing project/tasks through to the end. You simply can't rest until you bring everything to a satisfactory conclusion.

Scorpio Midheaven Enjoys Working Alone

In fact, you can be holed up for days when working on a project, neglecting to eat, much less sleep. Hopefully, you have a mate, colleague or assistant who understands you and cares for you when you're absorbed with creating the next genius invention or revolutionizing methodology.

Desire to Raise Your Career Status

Your never-give-up attitude brings you great career success. You have a deep-seated passion for your chosen career and quickly rise to the status of expert in your field!

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Best Career Options for Scorpio Midheaven

If your midheaven falls in Scorpio, then you are drawn to careers related to finances and investigations. An ideal combination of both energies would be a forensic accountant position. Other careers might include criminal investigator/detective, banking officer, criminal profiler, or any position in the financial market.

Personal Transformation Through Your Career

You find great personal satisfaction in your career. In fact, you feel that your real being and purpose in life are manifested within your career. You view your self-worth in terms of what you do for your living. This is the result of your ability to delve deeply into your field of expertise and give it everything you have.

Respect Within Your Field

You excel in every aspect of your career. Peers and colleagues hold you in high esteem for your work ethic and consistent quality of work. Your work methods may be different from your peers, but you carve out your own special niche, preferring to work solo instead of with a partner.

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Scorpio's Passion Makes You Fearless and Innovative

The Scorpio in Midheaven energy imbues you with a passion for innovation in your work and in life in general. You quickly review and assess issues to find better processes and solutions. This same passion makes you fearlessness in the pursuit of a truth or change demanded by the discoveries you make within your field of work.

Scorpio Midheaven Motivates Changing Careers

You understand the cleansing process that change can offer you. This is often seen in those with a Scorpio midheaven changing career paths more than one time. These career changes are usually due to the gradual process of growth that Scorpio inspires through seeking new challenges.

Different Careers Assist Soul Growth

Once a career is mastered, you feel the desire to tackle a new aspect of it or possibly change careers in search of a new domain to conquer. This is a vital part of your soul growth in life experiences, so don't be timid about changing your career several times.

Scorpio Midheaven Drives You Towards Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is to grow and experience new things. You do this best through your career choice(s).

Each Career Brings Your Closer to Life Goal

Each time you end a career and begin another one, you discover a new life purpose in learning something new. You desire to improve your field of expertise. However, your satisfaction is the same if it only improves one life or a million. You achieve personal and spiritual growth either way.

Personality Attributes Compliments of Scorpio Midheaven

Regardless what your sun sign is, your midheaven bestows several personality traits that usually enhance your zodiac sign characteristics. Scorpio delivers an intensity to your persona. This is also seen in a very passionate personality, mostly when it comes to your career.

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Keen Mind Intrigued by Mysteries

Your analytical mind enjoys a mystery. This is especially true when the challenge curtails into your work. You know how to ferret out information and easily maneuver those proverbial rabbit holes since you know how to stay focused on the task at hand.

Truth Seeker

Scorpio in your midheaven means you're the eternal seeker of truth. You can tell when something is false, or a person is lying to you. This "Spidey sense" never lets you down and aids you in whatever career or personal situation(s) you encounter.

How Scorpio in Midheaven Effects Your Working and Personal Life

When Scorpio is located midheaven in your natal chart, it signals a mission to try different careers. Your dedication and single-mindedness aid you in success with each new career.

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