North Node in Virgo: Practical and Vibrant

North Node in Virgo

The north node in Virgo faces many obstacles and challenges created by past lives. However, the Virgo north node provides you with many helpful attributes to overcome these and experience spiritual growth.

North Node in Virgo Karma

North node Virgo brings powerful remedies to your challenges for spiritual growth. The south node is separated by the north node by 180°. When the north node is in Virgo, the south node is in Pisces. This combination creates a dynamic that seeks to balance the negative aspects of a one or more past lives.

North Node Virgo Challenges

The karma accumulated from past lives you spent in service to others can now be addressed with a north node in Virgo. You had various social standings in past lives as a caregiver, medical professional, household servant, or other type of support position. Unfortunately, during these lifetimes, you found yourself underappreciated, neglected, and perhaps persecuted for your humanitarian efforts.

Meeting Karma With North Node Virgo

The north node in Virgo gives you a staunch inner directive that includes an analytical mind, a pragmatic approach to life situations, a desire for perfection, and a detachment from emotions. This combined force of mental power gives you control over soul habits that have placed you in positions where your kindness and loving care were not accepted, appreciated, or wanted.

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How North Node in Virgo Balances Karma

When you have a south node in Pisces, you're carrying this zodiac sign's attributes back into your current life. The Pisces water sign has deep and sometimes dark emotions that are hidden even from you. Multiple lifetimes spent repeating the same behavioral patterns create soul habits that at some point the universal law of balance demands be corrected.

Opportunities to Restart Spiritual Growth

In the case of north node Virgo natal charts, you are being presented the opportunity to break harmful habits that repeat life after life. You have the chance to put your soul back on a positive spiritual path. Virgo steps in to become the taskmaster of the soul to ensure your Pisces south node doesn't dominate your life choices.

Giving Your Life Direction and Purpose

With the earth element of Virgo, gives your emotions in Pisces newfound boundaries. Virgo also provides you with a sense of practicality. For example, if you don't have any real direction in life, you can rely on a north node.

Developing Disciplines and Routines

Virgo can provide you with disciplines and routines that allow you to redirect your energies into something productive instead of aimless wandering. You can carve a new spiritual path through the discipline of meditation and/or martial arts. By training your mind and body to work together, you gain greater control of your emotional nature.

Channeling Emotional Energy Into Creative Works

Virgo provides your past life emotions a framework to allow you to examine your emotions and decide how to channel them. This might be in the form of art, or possibly using their powerful ideals and creativity in other types of work and careers. Finding a way to express yourself is vital to meeting your karma and allowing spiritual healing energies to work their magic.

Virgo Attributes in North Node

One important Virgo trait you can lean on is reliability. You can use this characteristic in all you do, so coworkers, friends and family know you are dependable and will be there whenever they need to call upon you for support. Virgo is a sign that flourishes under structured work and having rules and guidelines to follow.

Standing Up for Yourself

One lesson you must learn this lifetime is to stand up for yourself. Virgo teaches you that your time is just as valuable as anyone else's. You are reminded that always being available is a disservice to yourself and can lead to being used and manipulated. This means you need to establish rules for how you interact with others.

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Taking Responsibility for Actions

As part of the process of reclaiming pieces of your soul scattered by lifetimes of giving too much of yourself to others, Virgo gives you tools for setting personal boundaries. You can use Virgo traits of assessment, analysis and logic to determine when others become too demanding of your time, talents and even your emotions.

Spiritual Path With North Node in Virgo

You can use the north node in Virgo to help you reach your spiritual goals. By following the various Virgo disciplines, you can reset your spiritual path and overcome negative karmic situations.

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North Node in Virgo: Practical and Vibrant