North Node in Taurus: A Creative and Stable Soul

North Node in Taurus

The north node in Taurus challenges you to overcome past life tendencies to over-indulge in passionate pursuits. With a north node Taurus, your soul growth is stabilized, and a course correction is in process.

North Node in Taurus' Soul Mission

Your mission in this life for spiritual growth is to find a balance between materialism and your spiritual nature. As an earth element, Taurus enjoys the beauty of the natural world and the riches it can provide to make life comfortable.

New Perspective

A north node Taurus gives you a new perspective that is enmeshed in the earth element that rules this zodiac sign. Taurus is very discerning about home, hearth, money, and the people you choose to include in your circle.

Meeting Karmic Challenges

With a north node in Taurus, your south node is in Scorpio. When taken to the extreme, Scorpio (a water sign), focuses on the emotional nature. In past lives you lived purely through your emotions without any grounding to keep you centered and your spirit stable. This lack of form to contain such passionate emotions often creates a spiritual imbalance.

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Negative Effects

In your past life, you were impulsive. You were very reactive to how you felt about people and situations. Your emotions often overpowered you and caused you to take things to the extreme.

Karma of Emotional Immaturity

You may have been pampered and your emotional maturity stunted. You retaliated against those who hurt you and sought revenge against those who wronged you. These emotions sent you off your spiritual course.

Carryover Emotions

In many cases, the emotions of your past life were so fierce and passionate, they carried over into this life. You may experience sudden bouts of anger that you can't explain by your current life situations or circumstances. You may have melancholy feelings or feel irritable for no apparent reason.

Coping with Past Life Emotional Remnants

You can use the powerful stabilizing energies that a north node Taurus brings to your persona. The bull is the Taurus symbol and is known for its stubborn determination. You can tap into these energies to counter any sudden bursts of feelings, to stabilize your emotions with a calming effect.

Love and Family

A north node in Taurus needs family. You don't feel that you've succeeded until you've established yourself with a spouse and family to care for and nurture. It's through the act of providing family with a nice home that you express your love. You can call upon your south node in Scorpio to enhance your emotional responses, since Taurus isn't very comfortable in expressing emotions.

Building a Home and Family

In your past life, Scorpio brought secrecy and hidden agendas. It's possible you lived a secret life or were kept in a lifestyle that prevented you from forming close relationships. The north node in Taurus places you in a home environment that drives you to build a life around your family. You also reach out to kindred spirits to form a close-knit circle of friends.

Security and Safety

Taurus strives to feel safe and protected, especially in your home. You desire a comfortable and attractive home that reflects your personality. You can augment your decorating skills with the emotional appeal of certain aesthetics Scorpio can bring.

Exploring Your Talents

You are called upon to seek and develop any talents you have to their fullest potential. Through various forms of art, you can connect with your inner self. You can use some of the more positive characteristics of your south node Scorpio to add emotional depth to your artistic expressions.

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Aversion to Change

Neither Taurus nor Scorpio like change. This may prove to be an obstacle in your spiritual growth if you can't overcome this natural tendency by learning to trust in the future. By adopting a different spiritual perception about change and growing, you can embrace changes that help you advance in your soul mission.

Look Before Leaping

The south node in Scorpio tends to jump into situations without considering the consequences, spurred by an emotional response. A north node in Taurus tends to give you a methodical approach to problems and challenges. You can utilize the curiosity of Scorpio tempered by the cautious nature of Taurus to explore new ideas, especially spiritual ones.

Spiritual Path of North Node in Taurus

The spiritual path of a north node in Taurus means finding an equal blending of two worlds. Once you achieve this balance, you can advance to the next spiritual level.

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North Node in Taurus: A Creative and Stable Soul