North Node in Libra: A Diplomatic and Individual Soul

North Node in Libra

The north node in Libra shows up in your natal chart when your soul growth requires moving in the direction of putting others before self. Libra is the zodiac sign of balance and can help you regain your spiritual equilibrium.

North Node Libra's Spiritual Quest

With a north node in Libra, your spiritual mission is to adjust the attitudes and emotions of your past life indicated by your south node in Aries. The powerful fire sign Aries gave you strong leadership abilities and self-confidence.

Karma and Soul Growth Challenges

Your past life competitive nature and physical prowess drove you to extreme actions that created tunnel vision. This caused you to focus on achieving goals and always staying on point as you placed your ambitions above all else. This near obsession crowded out more positive opportunities for soul growth through love relationships.

North Node Libra in Charge

Venus, the planet of love, rules Libra. A north node Libra takes the lead in all you do. You can experience progress in your spirituality by allowing the positive Aries energies to be filtered through Libra's energies of universal love and a need for balance.

Facing Karma by Honoring the Needs of Others

The Libra influence allows you to explore your emotions in an effort to restore a healthy balance to your spirituality. For example, in the past, you placed yourself first with the Aries sign in charge. In this life, you can tap into the energies of your north node Libra to bestow a greater awareness of the needs of others.

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Putting Other People First

You can remedy the damage this selfishness did to your spiritual growth by putting other people before yourself. This ability allows you to meet the accumulated karma from the past life. By practicing selflessness, you can accelerate your spiritual growth.

Relationships and Love

This lifetime, your main spiritual mandate is to learn the virtue and joy of serving others by putting their desires, needs and wants before your own. This is especially important when it comes to those within your circle of family and friends. Your desire is motivated by an outpouring of love courtesy of your north node in Libra.

Prioritizing Your Mate Over Self

When you prioritize your partner's needs and desires over your own, you discover a new joy. Being of loving service to another person rewards you in ways you never experienced in your past life. You discover that you genuinely want to ensure your partner is comfortable and happy. For example, if your spouse doesn't feel like going out on the town, you gladly abandon your plans to accommodate his/her preferences.

Empowering Others

You can incorporate the Aries energies you exploited in your past life with your north node Libra desire to assist others. This combination of energies can be used to inspire others to stand on their own and exert their independence in creative ways.

Curbing Impulses and Desires

Another component of your karma is the impulsive nature you exhibited in past lives. This often was due to a lack of impulse control or the need to always be first. You pursued your desires without regard of the consequences. With Libra, you can weigh each impulse and desire to gauge if it is something you should pursue.

Balancing the Scales of Justice

In the past, the Aries fiery energies often pushed you into conflicts and fights that were best avoided. With the wisdom of the Libra scales of justice, you are now able to see both sides of disagreements. In fact, you can easily serve as the mediator to help opposing sides reach an agreeable compromise.

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Pick Your Battles Carefully

When it comes to your personal confrontations, Libra gives you the ability to determine which ones you truly need to fight. You may discover more creative ways to win battles instead of an all-out war. Compromise is always appealing to a north node Libra over skirmishes.

Keeping Ego in Check

Past lives where your ego got in the way of your spiritual advancement were spurred by the influences of Aries. The remnants of those energies may rise now and then, but with your north node in Libra, you now possess discretion and the ability to evaluate your actions before you take them. You have a better understanding of what a healthy ego is in comparison to egomaniac tendencies.

Personal Growth Through North Node in Libra

The north node in Libra offers you the opportunity to meet your karma. You can use the traits of love, grace and balance that Libra bestows to realize spiritual growth.

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