North Node in Cancer: A Warm and Nurturing Soul

North node in Cancer

The north node in Cancer reveals its underlying karmic issue of a need to be in control. The soul mission is to learn how to nurture and to relax stringent ideals and values.

North Node in Cancer and Karma

With a 180° separation between the north and south nodes, the two nodes are zodiac sign opposites. When your north node is in Cancer, the south node is in Capricorn. The two nodes work together to generate the necessary energies for your spiritual growth. If you can work with your north node, you can meet your karmic lessons to love and care for others.

Karma of Status and Reputation

A north node Cancer brings you karma reaped from a past life where your status and reputation were the most important things in your life. Maintaining or reaching a certain social, and perhaps business, status was your main focus in life.

Whatever It Required

You may have been royalty, a politician, a business owner, or some other form of status that you cherished, such as a socialite. Money was a big part of this status and you did whatever it took to keep up the appearance of your public reputation and social standing.

Following Your Life Mission

Since your past life focus was on the material world and what it brought to you, your life energies were unbalanced. You didn't focus your time and energy on the emotional nature of your life. You neglected your family and friends, who were an afterthought. The appearance of the north node in Cancer in your natal chart is intended to remedy this imbalance in your soul growth.

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Art of Nurturing

The art of nurturing that Cancer brings to you is not something that comes easily to you. The south node in the Capricorn zodiac sign counters with pragmatic and controlling tendencies leftover from your last life.

Challenges for North Node Cancer

This pushing between two opposite nodes has a magnet effect by design that repel each other. This constant struggle is intended to motivate you to embrace the challenges of this lifetime.

Meeting Your Karmic Lessons

Your spiritual growth depends on recognizing your sentimental side. This softer side of your personality helps you learn to nurture and care for others. On the opposite end, you are very independent and must learn that not everyone is as self-confident or self-reliant as you.

Learning About Dependency

You are called upon to assist those who depend on you. This may be your children, coworkers, your community, friends, or employees. Through caring and helping others, you come to realize the importance in the give and take of relationships.

Giving Up Need to Control

One of your biggest challenges is giving up your need to control every aspect of your life. This tendency often spills over into your relationships when you try to control others. As soon as you realize you're doing this, it's time to take a step back and reevaluate your motives.

Understanding Through Compassion

Once you recognize that others may not be as capable as you, compassion will rush in and inspire you to offer assistance. This is a vital step in your karmic lesson plan for learning to nurture. Each time you exhibit compassion and love, your eyes are opened more to the realization that helping others has an emotional reward you didn't experience in your last life.

Curbing Material Ambitions

There is always the danger of falling back into past life patterns of ambition and materialism. However, a north node in Cancer keeps these tendencies in check with natural impulses of caring for others.

Spiritual Growth

Your spiritual growth is dependent on acknowledging your emotional nature. Like the symbolic Cancer sign of crab, you may appear to have a hard shell but inside, you are soft. This softness is not a weakness but is transformed into a strength each time you embrace your softer emotional side. When you love and care for others and place them above personal ambitions or your desire for material gains, you experience spiritual growth.

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North Node Cancer and Your Emotional Nature

The water element in astrology governs emotions. The zodiac sign of Cancer is a water sign and through the north node governs your emotional nature. This powerful connection heightens your intuition and allows you to see beyond the superficial dressings of materialism.

Vital Role in Relationships

In this lifetime, relationships take on a vital role in everything you do. The north node Cancer allows you to commit to a loving relationship and reveal your emotions despite the feeling of vulnerability it creates. These caring actions lead to a deeper self-understanding and self-discovery that loving relationships can enrich your life far more than material possessions.

Connections With Other People

It is through personal connections and relationships that your spiritual journey advances to new levels of enlightenment. The balancing of priorities in this lifetime allows you to enjoy the comfort, security and happiness that family and friends bestow.

Need for Family and Community

It is through the realization that you need the emotional ties of family and friends that you meet your karma. On a soul level, you discover these loving relationships give you strength and open new pathways toward spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Growth With North Node in Cancer

When you face the karmic challenges of relinquishing your need to control and learn to accept the gifts of love that the north node Cancer brings, you can experience soul growth. It is through the sense of belonging to a family, that you meet your karma and reap the rewards of a lifetime lived through the energies of love.

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North Node in Cancer: A Warm and Nurturing Soul