North Node in Aries: Energy and Inner Confidence

North node in Aries

The north node in Aries gives you the life challenge of exerting your personal power and developing your inner confidence. "Be true to yourself" is your life mantra as you embark on self-discovery.

North Node in Aries and Influence of South Node

The north and south nodes are known as the nodes of fate. Keep in mind that the north node Aries is in opposition to the south node. This means the south node is Libra. The influence of a south node in Libra is a desire to please and maintain balance.

Karma of North Node Aries

To face your challenges in life and meet your spiritual goal, you must first examine your karmic debt. Most people with a north node in Aries were very selfish in a past life. Your current life is designed for you to experience how it feels to be on the receiving end of such selfishness and then to overcome it through spiritual growth.

Starting Over

With a north node Aries, you tend to seek permission from others to express your ideas, thoughts and emotions. This is a precautionary component of the karmic debt from that past life. You've chosen to start at the base level of selflessness. Sometimes, you take it to the extreme by putting everyone and everything before yourself.

Aries Energy Stifled

Aries is a fire element sign and highly energetic. You suppress your natural tendencies to be expressive and active, believing this prevents you from repeating your past life of selfishness. This creates a tendency to be subservient to others and deny your desires and needs.

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Accommodating Others

In your effort to compensate for past life self-centeredness, you make yourself very accommodating to others. You allow yourself to be emotionally blackmailed into going along with plans, ideas and various situations that make you don't like or make you uncomfortable. You do this simply because you feel obligated to make everyone happy. This is an impossible mission and one you need to course correct.

Feeling a Need to Overcompensate

Completely denying your own desires and impulses is just as bad as indulging them with no regard for other people. Your challenge this lifetime is to find a healthy balance between being unselfish and selfish. This lesson may prove difficult for you, especially when it comes to all kinds of relationships.

Allow Partners to Dominate

In romantic love relationships, you tend to give up your personal power and relinquish your right of making choices. You relegate this to your partner and even require their approval before acting. This allows others to manipulate you, especially on an emotional level.

Breaking Chains of Dependency

Most north node Aries give this kind of control to others and then feel victimized on a daily basis. This is a pitfall of a north node Aries sign. The true mission of your life map is to learn how to act independently while also being considerate of others. This is a fine balance that requires you to stop living your life according to what others expect of you.

Difficult Challenges Can Be Met

The first step to freeing yourself from the karmic chains you created is to recognize you don't need another person's support or approval to simply exist. You have the right to feel as you feel and to act independently of others.

Make Your Needs Known

The second step to finding balance is to discuss with your partner and others without emotions what you need and want. For example, if your spouse wants to go to a night spot that you don't enjoy, instead of going along and acting as though you like it, you need to state what you truly think.

Valuing Self Is a Positive Trait

You have value and must recognize this within yourself before anyone else will. You must understand on a soul level that being honest and assertive isn't negative when done the right way. You can find the strength and your voice by calling upon the energies of leadership and courage that Aries brings to you.

How Communication Helps You and Others

When you stop catering to everyone else's wishes and desires and practice open communication, you free yourself and others. You can help them realize their often-unconscious part in your dependency. They may not be aware they are emotionally manipulating you, since you've been so willing to allow and even encourage it.

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Restoring Balance to Self

Once you recognize that you chose to rectify your karmic debt this life, you realize how you've responded too far on the other end of the spectrum. From there, you can begin to build a healthy selfishness that can serve you and enrich the lives of others by living an authentic life.

Excitement of Self-Discovery

Once you set upon this new path, you'll be able to explore your inner self that you tamped down in an effort to compensate for your past life. Your inner being is now free to indulge in self-discovery. This newfound freedom must be accompanied and bolstered by the famous Aries courage.

Self-Confidence Offers Reassurance

You can now follow your impulses and desires without trepidation as you delve deeper. Don't be afraid to examine who you are. When you embrace all facets of yourself, the rewards grow just as you grow spiritually. You can expect your inner world to explode with all kinds of aspects of yourself that were hidden.

Becoming a Risk-Taker

Self-discovery is the most exciting soul growth you can experience. This inward journey is all about taking risks to discover who you are. You will find this soul-searching journey exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Challenges and Obstacles

The Aries symbol of the ram is befitting for this stage of growth and the influence of your north node. You may have times where you feel as though you are simply butting your head. That is just a momentary obstacle. You can back off from it and regroup. It only takes a little introspection to find the reason and solution to overcome any obstacle that challenges you.

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North Node in Aries: Energy and Inner Confidence