Midheaven in Pisces: Careers and Creativity

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A 10th house midheaven in Pisces bestows you with amazing creative gifts. You can capitalize on your creativity and talents to build an outstanding and impressive career.

Pisces Midheaven Psychic Abilities

With your midheaven in Pisces, you are blessed with keen intuition and psychic abilities. You can put these abilities to good use as a medium, astrologer, tarot reader, or past life regression therapist.

Spiritual Connection to People and Animals

You may decide your best career choice is as a medium or psychic. Both careers offer you an excellent opportunity to impact lives in a positive and one-on-one manner.

Communicating With Spirits and Clients

You have an innate ability to communicate with spirits while connecting with other people on a deeper level than most mediums/psychics. This gift allows you to psychically connect with animals as well. In fact, you would make an excellent animal whisperer.

Careers in The Arts or Healing Arts

You'll find fulfillment as a musician, artist, writer, actor, designer, or other arts career. You can also use your many talents to be a healer, either in conventional or alternative medicine.

Emotional Nature of Pisces Midheaven

Pisces is known for feeling everything deeply. In fact, your emotional nature overrides your excellent deductive reasoning. When combined with your psychic and intuitive abilities, you become a force to be reckoned with.

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Pisces Gives You an Advantage

With Pisces occupying your 10th house, this emotional/psychic nature greatly influences your work. It can give you a major advantage, depending on your career choice.

Emotions and Art

By choosing a career in the arts, you can channel all those deep and sometimes dark emotions into your latest creation. Art serves as a wonderful buffer while giving you a needed venue of expression. Others will appreciate the honesty and baring of your inner self in your art.

Pisces Midheaven Boosts Your Influence Over the Masses

The powerful midheaven in Pisces gives you a fluidity that carries you into career heights that afford you clout and influence in your chosen field. Your work touches the hearts and souls of the masses, giving you worldwide influence.

Your Ideal Geographic Locations

Pisces is a water sign. You're naturally drawn to water. The water element plays a major role in your life either as a career field, such as in the Navy, working for a cruise line, serving as a fishing guide, or selling bottled water from your natural spring. In addition to your career, you find living on or near a body of water peaceful.

Main Challenges Pisces Midheaven Placement Faces

Pisces has a vulnerability that you'll need to guard against. With all those powerful emotions and psychic/mediumship abilities, it's very easy for you to become overloaded. The biggest challenge you face is not getting caught up in other people's emotions since you are a gifted empath and often take on their feelings as your own.

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Learning to Distinguish Your Emotions

Your empathic abilities can interfere not just with your daily life, but also with your work if you don't learn to protect yourself from other people's feelings. You can train your mind through meditation, yoga and other disciplines so you have greater control of your abilities. You can learn various techniques that empaths use to shield themselves from other people's emotions and problems.

Tendency to Slip Into a Dream World

Pisces is a mystical sign that is caught up in the ethereal world. This ability to easily slip between the physical and spiritual worlds can make it difficult to stay focused on the here and now. Daydreaming is a large part of your talents and you work best when you are in control of your work hours and environment. You need to keep yourself in check to make sure you aren't caught up in the currents of a fantasy world so you can be productive.

Influence of Midheaven in Pisces in Your Career

The career you select may turn out to be one you enjoy for a lifetime. When your midheaven is in Pisces, you have a wide range of career choices that are enhanced by the mystical energies of this water sign.

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