Midheaven in Cancer: Meaning, Careers, and Destiny

Cancer zodiac sign

If your natal chart reveals a midheaven in Cancer, you experience several ups and downs in different careers while in pursuit of your destiny. By exercising patience and being disciplined, you can excel in any career you choose and stay focused on achieving your goals.

Emotional Nature of Midheaven in Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and governs your emotions. The two positive emotions a midheaven Cancer gives are a desire to nurture and a powerful intuition. You can use these Cancer traits by choosing an emotionally satisfying and fulfilling career.

Zodiac Cancer Sign's Need to Nurture

The zodiac Cancer sign bestows an abundance of love that manifests in a need to nurture. This need makes you a great parent. You also have an irrepressible need to take care of others. You can use this nurturing attribute by selecting a career that requires you to look out for other people in some way.

Powerful Intuition

A midheaven Cancer sign infuses you with a very powerful intuition. In many instances, such placements also gift you with a strong empathic nature and psychic abilities. You can learn to use these abilities to help others when you choose a career that places you in helper positions.

Negative Side of Cancer Emotions

There is always the yin side to the yang side. The two negative emotions you'll battle are impatience and insecurity.

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Midheaven Cancer Is Highly Impatient

The nervous impatience you often feel is directly tied to your ruling body, the moon. As an Earth-orbiting natural satellite, the moon doesn't orbit the sun the way planets do. Therefore, the moon behaves differently from planets ruling other zodiac signs. The moon's gravitational pulls and different phases are responsible for the impatient energy you feel ebbing and flowing like the ocean's tide.

Feelings of Insecurity Tied to the Moon

The Cancer symbol is the crab and although it appears to have a hard shell, the crab is a total softie. The hard façade is used to hide the insecurities that the crab often feels. You can blame your feelings of insecurity to the ever-phasing moon. While predictable, the different moon phases means a fluctuation in the energy from the moon. This impacts Cancer and causes a feeling of insecurity since the moon doesn't have a consistent appearance or energy level.

Career Options for Midheaven Cancer Placement

You can play up your positive traits and downplay your negative attributes with the right career choice. Fortunately, Cancer has a wide range of career options.

Caregiver Careers

One of the most obvious choices for Cancer is a position as a caregiver. This can be as a nurse, hospice worker, daycare teacher, counselor, therapist, or energy worker. However, some people with a midheaven cancer may find their empathic nature too keen for such caregiving careers.

Hospitality As an Alternative Caregiver Career

There are other ways to fulfill the caregiver gene with a career that is nurturing but doesn't expose you to extreme and painful emotions. These careers include B&B owner, restauranteur, chef, spa owner, or other hospitality position.

Careers As an Intuitive or Psychic

You can channel your intuitive nature into a career as a psychic or medium. This career will also help you use your empathy to connect with other people, to help them find resolutions to problems, and in some cases, to facilitate unfinished business with the deceased.

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You can filter out much of the emotional nature of such careers by choosing a career as an astrology or tarot reader. Working in a divination career as a dowser is an alternative to being exposed to clients' emotions.

Careers in the Arts

There are many careers in the Arts that a midheaven Cancer may enjoy. You can express your strong, powerful emotions through different mediums. You may decide that singing and writing your own songs is an ideal career choice or perhaps using your empathic nature to capture the emotions of others through photography or painting would be best.

Your Need for Approval From Others

Since the zodiac sign of Cancer introduces a feeling of insecurity, you often seek approval. Cancer zodiac signs turn inward to friends and family for this kind of acceptance. However, a Cancer midheaven placement reveals your reputation and how the world perceives you. This drives you to seek approval from public arenas and forums.

Finding Your Destiny in a Midheaven Cancer Career

You can use a midheaven in Cancer to guide your career choice. Once you find the ideal career, you can realize your destiny through caring for others and expressing your emotional nature.

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Midheaven in Cancer: Meaning, Careers, and Destiny