Midheaven in Aquarius: Careers and Unique Purpose

zodiac constellation Aquarius

If your midheaven (MC) is in Aquarius, you're always thinking ahead and exploring new ideas. You choose a career that allows you to be creative.

Midheaven in Aquarius Career Choices

Some of the career choices best suited for an Aquarius midheaven provide you with a lot of freedom on a daily work basis. You may find being a freelance writer or editor the ideal work situation. There may be opportunities with non-profit organizations or fundraisers that appeal to your altruistic desires.

Science and Technology Careers

Science is another field that might include research for a great matchup to an Aquarius midheaven placement. Don't rule out technology since you have a natural gift. You enjoy inventing and creating new gadgets and gizmos.

Consider the Arts

You may prefer to venture into the Arts. You may change your mind a few times before you discover the career that truly appeals to you. This might be painting, sculpting, design, fashion, or perhaps music.

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Midheaven in Aquarius Career As an Entrepreneur

Aquarius is highly independent and a free-thinker, so it's not surprising when you choose to become an entrepreneur. This may be opening up a real estate company, your own design firm or buying into a franchise. Being self-employed provides you with the kind of freedom Aquarius requires in order to feel unrestricted.

Creating Your Own Niche

Aquarius is a unique and original sign, so you may end up creating or inventing your own niche. This might be a new spin on an old invention or taking a field in a new direction. Whatever it is, you'll leave your mark and make it your own.

Fast Thinker on Your Feet

Aquarius has natural skills, such as thinking fast during a crisis. You are a top-notch problem-solver and always manage to think outside the box. You handle deadlines with finesse, always keeping your eye on the ball and mentally calculating your timetable from conception of ideas to delivery of the product.

Timing Is Everything

You know how to play the game and you know when it's time to make your career move. You may decide to wait and go off in a different direction, never to return to your original career plans. That's okay, since Aquarius in midheaven delivers a wealth of choices and possibilities for a career. You're flexible enough to take advantage of whatever field captures your interest.

Excellent Team Leader

Aquarius in Midheaven understands the necessity of teamwork and is a great team leader. You can easily work solo but enjoy collaborating with other brilliant minds. You find working with others very rewarding and have no problem sharing the glory for a completed project.

Positive Attitude

A midheaven in Aquarius imbues you with an abundance of intuition that can aid you in your career. The water bearer values unusual ideologies and cultural differences. It's easy for this midheaven sign to follow your gut feelings and make career choices by following your instincts.

Ideals, Inspiration and Achievements

Aquarius midheaven bestows you with the ability to inspire others, especially coworkers. You are an idealist at heart, but you also have a healthy load of ambition that drives you to succeed in all you undertake. You always have your eye on the goal and are recognized for your achievements in your field of expertise.

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Humanitarian at Heart

Midheaven in Aquarius provides you with a desire to make the world a better place. You wish to help others and to empower them anyway you can.

Admiration of Peers and Superiors

Your successes in your career(s) are greatly admired by your peers. Your superiors place a great deal of confidence in your abilities and rely heavily upon your expertise. You take pride in your reputation and protect it from anything that may detract from it. You desire to leave some kind of legacy that will honor you after you are gone.

Midheaven in Aquarius Guides You to Fields of Interest

You may use your midheaven in Aquarius to help you choose your perfect career. Once you commit to a career, you will soon put a plan of action into place and begin to achieve your goals with a creative energy that fulfills your unique purpose.

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Midheaven in Aquarius: Careers and Unique Purpose