Loving a Pisces Woman: Tips for Dating and Relationships

Jacqueline Dautaj

Loving a Pisces Woman

Loving a Pisces woman means understanding that this special woman is quite sensitive with a depth of emotion just bubbling under the surface. Pisces is a water sign that loves to share feelings.

You can tap into this aspect of her personality by being ultra romantic. Candlelight dinners, music and flowers suit this woman to a tee.

Share Your Dreams

Pisces' ruler is Neptune, and this planet rules the mysterious realms of dreams.

Be sure to keep a dream journal by your beside and share your nocturnal wanderings with your Pisces mate.

This will foster a feeling of intimacy she'll find irresistible.

Dates by the Water

As a water sign, Pisces has a special affinity for tranquil lakes and the rollicking waves of the ocean. If you wonder where your first date should be, wonder no more.

A day or night spent at the beach or on a boat will make Pisces very happy.

Open Up to the Unconscious

Pisces loves anything that is mystical or unseen, and this sign enjoys meditating and opening herself to the cosmos.

Join Pisces on this mystical journey by exploring the world of mysticism and meditation, and she'll feel that much closer to you.

Consider Yoga

If mediation proves to be too difficult, consider yoga instead.

The gentle, yet strong poses of this art are sure to entice Pisces.

Inviting Pisces for an hour long session is sure to raise her spirits.

Indulge Her

Pisces often enjoys indulging her senses.

Satisfy her craving for a bit of pampering with a spa day or a variety of new bath scents and salts.

This thoughtful gift will help calm her often frayed nerves.

Enjoy LIfe!

Above all, expressing your joy for living will help Pisces feel exuberant when she is around you.

Going to concerts, having picnics by the shore, and engaging in any activity that makes you feel happy will help her feel all the more delighted when she's with you. It's all part of loving a Pisces woman.

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Jacqueline Dautaj
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Loving a Pisces Woman: Tips for Dating and Relationships