Numerology of Number 6: Meaning and Characteristics

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In numerology, the number 6 means you are a compassionate person and loathe discord. Money follows you wherever you go, and you enjoy the lifestyle money provides.

What Number 6 Means to You

The number 6 in numerology means femininity and the gentler side of life. It bestows an appreciation for elegance and refinement. Number 6 is the lower vibration of the Master Number 33 but works overtime in achieving all the wonderful qualities that are magnified in the Number 33.

Numerology Number 6 Personality Characteristics

The meanings of numerology number 6 bestow certain energies and personality traits. For example, you are a very gracious person and enjoy the pleasantries a social life has to offer. You are very polite, and your social graces are impeccable. You dislike brash people. You find vulgar language disrespectful and offensive. You expect other people to know how to behave in various social settings and are appalled when someone missteps.

Unafraid to Voice Your Opinions

While you do practice decorum, you aren't above voicing your opinions or stepping up to right a wrong. You just know how to do it finesse and charm.

Home and Hearth

You love your home. You enjoy everything about transforming a house into a home for your family. You have an excellent style and taste with a true appreciation for beautiful things, especially your home furnishings. You prefer the subtlety of soft pastel colors over bright bold colors. Everyone compliments you on your beautiful home.

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Nature Lover

You have a strong connection to nature and need your quota of alone time surrounded by greenery. You enjoy a forest or rural setting for your home as long as it isn't too far from civilization, friends and family.

Surround Yourself in Nature

You have an immaculate yard and a unique and beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers, trees and exotic plants. You may be drawn to a feng shui garden design since its philosophy of harmony and balance resonate with you.

Interesting Facts About the Number 6

People are drawn to you and find their relationship with you comforting and nurturing. You enjoy your circle of friends and feel as though they are your extended family.

Family Ties

Family is a vital lifeline for you. You enjoy caring for your family and are genuinely concerned for their happiness.

Showing Appreciation

You love to entertain and are very adept at hosting large or small gatherings. You know how to entertain guests and make sure they have a wonderful time. For you, entertaining is a way to express your love and appreciation.

Money Issues

You are either extravagant or miserly. You can be both things with very little time between the two extremes. You don't really have any moderate spending habits.

No Guilt in Splurging

If you see something that you find beautiful, you can't resist buying it, no matter the dent it makes in your budget. Much of your spending habits are based on how an object or opportunity appeals to you.

Number 6 Meaning Spiritually

You find your connection to nature creates a pathway to the spiritual world. You find the mystique and beauty of nature exemplary of spirituality. You love to meditate surrounded by a forest, a babbling brook, songbirds, and other wildlife. You feel connected to all creation when you work in your vegetable or flower garden.

Life Path in Numerology 6

Your life path is to learn balance in all things. You have a few challenges when it comes to indulging in your spending habits or doting on your family and friends. You may have a few lessons to learn about balancing both.

Numerology Number 6 Career

Your love for art and music lend to various careers in the Arts that you'll find very fulfilling. You enjoy being a mediator or negotiator in an effort to restore balance and harmony. Your need to nurture makes you an excellent candidate to run a B&B or become a restauranteur. Your love of home and beauty are ideal traits for an interior designer or architect. You may prefer to teach music or own an art gallery.

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Love and Happiness With Numerology 6

You are an incurable romantic. Your brand of love is affectionate and sentimental. You strive for a relationship that is balanced with an equal give and take.

Numerology Number 6 for Marriage Options

You seek a mate who will be a true 50/50 partner. While you enjoy making a home, you expect a partner to be involved with daily routines. You are easy going and can't tolerate any kind of conflict or upset. You become highly jealous if your lover appears to pay attention to another.

Astrology and Number 6

Number 6 vibrates to the planet Venus, the rule of Libra. Balance is always important to you and with this need comes the desire for a harmonious lifestyle. Love and family are your biggest priorities in life with a dash of community service that includes the entire family's participation.

Tarot Number 6, The Lovers

The Major Arcana card of The Lovers is appropriate for the number six that is the number of love and balance. It's the unity of two opposites and the harmony that is created when two halves come together to make a whole.

Bible and Number 6 Meaning

In the Bible, God created land animals, man and woman on the sixth day. Many people define the Biblical number 6 as the number that symbolizes mankind/humans.

Exploring the Meanings of Number 6

You can explore the various meanings of the number 6 as defined in numerology. When you discover where this number is found within your numerology report, you can take advantage of its beneficial energies.

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Numerology of Number 6: Meaning and Characteristics