Numerology of Number 3: Meaning and Qualities

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The number 3 meaning in numerology brings powerful traits that inspire your creativity and offer you venues for self-expression. You're a freedom-loving communicator, enjoy life to its fullest and boldly encourage others to explore life.

Personality Traits and Meanings for Number 3

A number 3 person is highly optimistic and manages to put a positive spin on almost everything. Your upbeat attitude is infectious and uplifts those around you. This positive attitude serves you well in everything you do and opens doors that would normally be closed to you.

Charisma and Social Skills

You have a highly charismatic persona that attracts people who enjoy being in your presence. You're tapped into the energy of the higher spiritual realms. People are drawn to your exuberance and want to share in it.

Originality and Self-Expression

You have an abundance of creativity and understand how to channel it into producing original art and other communication venues. You recognize the importance of self-expression and know how to use your talents to connect with other people.

Using Your Gifts

You wield your talents in different forms to express your ideology, philosophy and spirituality in the Arts. Your underlying theme is freedom of expression.

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Inspiring Others

As an excellent communicator, you possess many talents that aid you in connecting with others. Through your art, you're able to inspire others to explore their inner worlds and the world at large. You encourage open-mindedness and advocate freedom for all people.

Numerology 3 Life Path and Career

Your life path can direct you to an ideal career. You have the ability to influence others in a positive, productive and powerful way. Some of the possible careers you will find exhilarating include, writer, painter, photographer, actor, director, dancer, musician, spiritual advisor, counselor/therapist, healer, or advocate.

Freemdom Guides Number 3 in Numerology

In numerology, the guiding power of number 3 is freedom and independence. You will not be forced into group think or political correctness. You cherish your freedom above all things and believe all people should have this as a human birthright.

Truthsayer and Seeker

Number 3 is a truthsayer, regardless the current societal mindset. You believe the truth literally sets the mind free and you're on a mission to set everyone free. You are a staunch believer in uncovering and exposing falsehoods.

Pursuit of Truth

You advocate going directly to the source for information and eliminating third party interpretations that you believe are often very biased. You understand that truth will always stand up while falsehoods eventually crumble under their weight of deception.

World Traveler

As a truth seeker, you hunt down the source of ideologies, philosophies, cultural practices, religions, and historical data. This quest takes you around the world bringing you joy by obtaining enlightenment and knowledge.

Sharing Your Experiences

This kind of travel is just one of the many freedoms you cherish and enjoy. You also thrive on sharing your experiences with others through art and social interaction.

Social Life

You are often the life of a party since you know how to enjoy yourself. Having fun is one of your personal mandates. You won't participate in social engagements that are dry, formal and mundane. You've made a promise to yourself that if it isn't fun, you simply won't do it. You view life as a magnificent canvas that has no place for the mundane and unimaginative.

Lend a Helping Hand

You are an advocate for lending a hand to help others climb the ladder of success with you. This is evident in all you do, especially when you toot someone else's horn and publicly praise them for their hard work, accomplishments and/or talents. You understand the importance of recognizing another person and validating their value and contributions to the world.

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Numerology Number 3 and Marriage Life

With the numerology meaning of number 3 for marriage possibilities, it will take a very unique and powerful person to get you to commit to marriage. You aren't a conformist or traditionalist, so you don't view marriage the same way most people do. Your ideal mate must be just as charismatic, powerful and outspoken as you with a love for adventure. For that person, you will eagerly settle into a permanent relationship should your mate require marriage. Chances are your ideal lover won't care about conventionalism any more than you do.

Third Card in Tarot

In tarot, the Major Arcana card of The Empress represents the creativity of the subconscious mind that emerges through your imagination. Self-expression and freedom are key to the growth necessary to evolve in every way, especially spiritually. This tarot card signifies discovering new talents and learning to use them.

Astrology and Number 3

The number 3 is ruled by the planet Jupiter that governs Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. Jupiter rules the ninth house of education, learning, exploring new ideas, and travel.

Number 3 in the Bible

Number 3 in the Bible signifies the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is considered the complete number and signifies divinity coming together as a whole.

Numerology and Different Meanings of Number 3

Number 3 has quite a few meanings in numerology that carries over into various divinity and spiritual aspects. Once you decipher the various meanings, you can use this number to enhance and enrich your life.

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Numerology of Number 3: Meaning and Qualities