What Can Sound Healing Be Used For?

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Sound healing is a form of therapy that is used to heal and realign the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual auric bodies. Energy systems are affected by sound whether it is a single note or a symphony. Energy therapies recognize the wrong sounds can have a negative impact on health while the right sounds can affect a person's individual frequency for improved heath.

Negative Health Impact From Noise Pollution

The wrong kind of sounds, such as those generated by industrial machinery, airplanes, trains, and cars contribute to noise pollution. These sounds have a direct adverse effect on people.

  • Chronic headaches are often the result of excessive noise pollution.
  • Exposure to noise can elevate blood pressure.
  • Noise pollution can affect mood and cause irritability.
  • Sleep cycles are interrupted by noise. The lack of sleep can contribute to a lower job performance while further impacting quality of life.

Positive Sound Counters Noise Pollution

The positive sounds of classical music and nature counter the negative health effects of noise pollutions.

  • Listening to positive sound relaxes the body to release built-up tension causing headaches.
  • It reduces blood pressure with meditative frequency.
  • It elevates mood and clears the mind with relaxing soothing sounds.

Healing Sounds of Nature

Humans are naturally attuned to nature. Many illnesses reflect a disconnect with thus basic relationship to the planet.

  • Nature sounds can help you relax and allow positive energy to replace negative energy.
  • Meditation for restoring balance to the body systems can be enhanced with nature sounds.
  • Insomnia is one health problem that can be treated by exposure to the sounds of nature.

White Noise Sleep Aid to Counter Insomnia

Stress and anxiety caused by noise can result in insomnia and other serious diseases. Not everyone succumbs to nature sounds for a restful undisturbed night of sleep. White noise is considered a positive sound used to counter insomnia.

  • According to Popular Science, white noise can help some people suffering from insomnia.
  • White noise contains most of the sounds ranging from low to high frequencies and in equal amounts.
  • The white noise covers up or masks the sounds that ordinarily keep a person awake or that wake them from a sound sleep.

Different Instrument Sounds Used for Healing

Sound therapy is attributed to healing people with little more than playing music or a specific instrument. There are many sound tools and instruments used for healing, such as singing bowls.

Singing Bowls for Chakra Healing

Each singing bowl has a different sound that can resonate a healing vibration. One healing technique identifies the singing bowl tones that match the frequencies of each chakra. It's believed that when placed and played directly on the body, the close contact allows the bowl vibration to resonate deeper. This technique is used to heal and correct chakras that are blocked, out of balance, or spinning in reverse.

Percussion Instruments Remove Stagnant Energy

A drum or other percussion instrument vibration creates a resonating energy that's used to force stagnant energy to move from blocked areas of the body. Stagnant energy can occur in organs and interfere with blood flow and block chakras. A beating drum vibration is used to break up the blockage and allow the energy flow and blood flow to resume.

Tuning Forks Align the Human Biofield

This vibrational therapy uses calibrated tuning forks made of metal.

  • This sound treatment corrects abnormal changes in the body's natural rhythms.
  • The forks realign the natural flow of the nervous system.
  • Tuning forks treat strained muscles, heal inflammation, reduce swelling, and unblock chakras.

Chanting to Heal

There are many mantras you can chant at a specific frequency for healing purposes.

Chanting to Heal


This sacred Sanskrit word means source or supreme. Chanting Om for extended periods is said to have great health benefits.

  • The repetitive chanting creates vibrations that travel up the head and clears the sinuses.
  • It stimulates thyroid from vocal cord vibrations.
  • It strengthens the immune system and bolsters the body's self-healing abilities.
  • Chanting Om charges the body with energy allowing hands-on self-healing while chanting.
  • It generates positive energy to cleanse the aura.


This sound is used for releasing and letting go whatever you need to discard in order to heal. It is a traditional morning mantra, but can be used anytime it is needed. It's especially helpful for releasing negative emotions causing chakra and other energy blockages.


Hrim (hreem) is a healing mantra that when chanted is said to cleanse the heart.

Sound Frequencies for Healing

Certain frequencies are believed to offer healings through the sound's ability to alter on a molecular level as witnessed by Dr Masaru Emoto's research on sound frequency transforming polluted water into pure water. The two most recognized healing frequencies are 423 Hz and 528 Hz.

Sound Frequencies for Healing

423 Hz

A healing sound the body instantly recognizes as being attuned to the natural frequency of all life is 423 Hz.

  • People respond to these sounds, especially music, tuned to 423 Hz with a feeling of peace, calmness, and an over-all good sensation.
  • The frequency is used as a de-stressing tool.
  • It is believed to have an immediate healing effect that the body responds to by releasing emotions that are blocking chakras and other energy systems.
  • The Om chant, a mindful prayer energy, is a 423 Hz vibration.

528 Hz

The love frequency, 528 Hz, is touted as the miracle vibration that is attuned to all living things, and even honey bees buzz to this frequency. According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, the frequency 528 Hz reflects sacred geometry and has been extensively studied by various scientists and researchers. He explains in an interview that upon reading his book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, musicians re-tuned their instruments to the 528 Hz frequency. He states, "Playing 528 music not only heals you, but like a pebble in a pond radiates out touching the farthest heart." Other claims to the healing powers of this frequency include:

  • The 582 Hz frequency promotes healing.
  • It promotes DNA repair.
  • It also increases a person's energy level.

How Sound Healing Is Used

There are several sound healing systems that are believed to heal any number of illnesses. You may wish to try a few of these techniques to gauge if any work for you.

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