How to Clear and Program Crystals

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In order for healing crystals to function at their highest capacity, it's important to cleanse (or clear) them so they maintain the highest vibration possible. Programming crystals isn't necessary, but it's a good practice to engage in to help use crystals for specific intentions.

Clearing Crystals

Clearing your healing crystals, also known as cleansing crystals, helps them maintain a pure vibration. Healing crystals and other forms of energy healing work through a principle known as entrainment, in which two vibrating bodies placed near one another lock into phase and begin to vibrate at the same frequency. In general, both of those vibrating bodies meet somewhere in the middle; so something vibrating at a lower frequency will raise, and something vibrating at a higher frequency will lower. Since crystals have a high vibration, when you use them in healing they entrain to a lower vibration and oscillate at a slightly lower frequency. Clearing them restores them to their original high vibratory rate.

How Often to Clear

How often you clear your crystals depends on how much you use them and how hard they work for you.

  • For crystals in your environment, unless everything is heavily emotionally charged, then you can cleanse them once a week.
  • For crystals you wear, clear them once or twice a week.
  • If crystals have a heavy workload, such as if you're using them to fight illness or you are going through a very emotional situation such as arguing with a spouse or grieving, cleanse them daily.
  • Clear your crystals any time you'd like to set a new intention for them.

Cleanse With Clear Quartz

One of the easiest methods to clear crystals is to place them in a cluster of clear quartz. This works well with small crystals.

  1. Place crystals on a bed of clear quartz.
  2. Allow them to sit overnight.
Quartz crystal cluster on black background

Clear With Sunlight or Moonlight

You can also cleanse crystals by setting them out in the sunlight or moonlight (you'll need a clear, dry night to do this). Set out on a table and allow them to sit in either the sunlight or moonlight for 12 hours.

Clear With Palo Santo Smoke

Palo santo is a fragrant wood. You can buy small sticks or chips at a local metaphysical store. This is a good method for cleansing a lot of crystals or for quickly cleansing your crystal jewelry.

  1. Place your crystals in a bowl or on a flat surface
  2. Light the wood and when it begins to smoke, blow out the flame.
  3. Fan the smoke over the crystals, stirring the crystals around to ensure the smoke reaches all of them.
  4. Alternatively, for small crystals or jewelry, hold them in the smoke for a few seconds.

You can also use sage, sandalwood, or incense for this purpose.

Bowl containing burning palo santo chips

Programming Crystals

Once your crystals have been cleared, you can program them with specific intention if you wish. This works well especially for clear quartz which is easily programmed, although you can program any crystal with any intention.

How Often to Program

Program as often as you need, and cleanse when you no longer feel the need for a crystal with that intention. Always program a crystal that has been freshly cleared. During particularly heavy times, you may wish to re-program the crystal daily after cleansing it.

Affirmation Method

Determine the intention you'd like to program for each crystal. Then, write the intention as an affirmation, such as, "I love unconditionally," on a piece of paper. Place the crystal in a box, bowl, bag, or jar with the intention and let it sit for 12 hours.

Energy Transfer Method

To perform this method, first determine your intention for the crystal and state it as a positive affirmation. Then, hold the crystal in between both hands and repeat your affirmation nine times as you hold the crystal.

Focus on Results Instead of Specifics

When you clear and program crystals, you do so with the intention of serving the highest and greatest good for everyone involved. By focusing on the things you'd like to manifest in your life in general terms (such as, "I choose to find unconditional love," or "I am vibrantly healthy") instead of specific terms ("I choose for Bob to love me," or "I am healing my celiac disease"), you allow the universe to bring you the end result you desire without limiting the miracles the universe can provide.

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