Aqua Aura Quartz Meaning and Unique Properties

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua aura quartz crystals have a lovely aqua-blue color with a rainbow sheen. With a base of natural quartz, aqua aura quartz gets its color and sheen from a treatment that bonds vaporized gold to the crystal's surface. The addition of the vaporized gold layer to the aqua aura crystal fundamentally changes the properties of the quartz crystals.

Aqua Aura Quartz Meaning

Aqua aura quartz is a high-vibrational stone of tranquility and insight. The peaceful blue color and slight iridescent sheen comes from the vaporized gold layer adhering to the quartz base. The gold and quartz work together synergistically to give this crystal unique metaphysical and healing properties.

Healing Properties of Aqua Aura Quartz

So what are the healing properties of aqua aura quartz? Working with this quartz crystal can help bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Supports Spiritual Growth

The subtle rainbow sheen on the tranquil blue background of aqua aura quartz changes the properties of the quartz and allows you to connect to higher realms and higher guidance through the crown chakra. This connection supports spiritual growth. To use aqua aura quartz to support your spiritual growth, meditate with a piece of aqua aura quartz held in your receiving (non-dominant) hand or place a piece of aqua aura quartz on or near your crown chakra during meditation and visualization.

Strengthens Intuitive Abilities

Everyone is intuitive, but working with aqua aura quartz can help you to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. Want to tap into your intuition? Place a piece of aqua aura quartz on your desk and settle in to try some automatic writing exercises.

Releases Criticism and Judgment

The tranquil blue of aqua aura quartz offers vibrational support to your throat chakra, which is the energetic center of self-expression. Imbalances in this chakra can lead to becoming too critical and judgmental of self or others. Working with aqua aura quartz can help to return balance to this chakra, which can help resolve issues regarding judgment and criticism. To balance your throat chakra, wear aqua aura quartz as a pendant on an 18- to 20-inch chain.

Helps You Speak Your Truth

Many people, especially women, have been socially conditioned to suppress or modify their truth or to not express it at all. However, speaking your truth in a calm and loving manner is essential for emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Working with aqua aura quartz can help to remove the conditioning that keeps you from sharing and speaking your truth. Wearing aqua aura quartz as earrings or a pendant on an 18- to 20-inch chain can help remove the blockages to sharing your truth that come from societal conditioning and rebalance the throat chakra so you can speak your truth with a loving and compassionate voice.

Protects Against Psychic Negativity

If you know any psychic vampires or people who continuously generate a lot of negative psychic juju, then aqua aura quartz is the stone for you. Carrying a piece of aqua aura quartz with you in a pocket can help to protect against psychic attack or keep a psychic vampire from draining your energy.

Balances Your Subtle Anatomy

As with all other types of aura quartz, aqua aura quartz is an excellent tool for balancing all aspects of your energy anatomy including your chakras, aura, and meridians. Using it in this way can help you stay spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy by removing energetic blockages, strengthening underactive energy, and absorbing overactive energy. Try meditating in a circle of aqua aura quartz daily for five to ten minutes to balance all aspects of your energy anatomy.

Maintaining Your Aqua Aura Quartz

As with all other crystals, in order to maintain the high vibrational nature of aqua aura quartz, you need to cleanse your crystals regularly. Always meditate with freshly cleansed crystals and cleanse any aqua aura quartz you wear or carry with you at least once a week. Using sage, palo santo, or incense smoke will return the crystal to its higher vibrational nature without affecting the crystal's coating.

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Aqua Aura Quartz Meaning and Unique Properties