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Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Positive Properties

Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Positive Properties

A few different types of coated quartz crystals are sometimes also called rainbow aura quartz. There are several varieties of aura quartz crystals, which are made from natural quartz crystals coated with various… Keep reading »

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Energy healing is growing in popularity in the West although much of it has its roots in Eastern philosophy and traditions. Today, many people in both the East and the West turn to energy healing modalities to correct vibrational imbalances that may cause issues of the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to recognize energetic disharmony and gain valuable insight about energy healing techniques and tools.

Energy Systems

Ancient and modern energy healers have identified various human energetic systems-such as chakras, auras, and meridians-that allow human energy-sometimes called chi, prana, or qi-to flow and connect the body, mind, and spirit. When this energy is balanced and flows freely, the result is optimal well-being. When imbalances in these energy systems occur, poor mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical health may ensue. LoveToKnow Energy Healing can help you understand your energy systems and provide techniques to re-harmonize vibration, such as aligning or unblocking your chakras.

Energy Healing Tools and Techniques

Some energy healers use various tools, such as crystals or singing bowls, and techniques, such as Reiki or pranic healing, to optimize and balance life force vibration. There is a variety of energy healing tools and techniques, and LoveToKnow Energy Healing can help you find those that may work best for you.


Crystals are popular tools used either alone or in conjunction with other vibrational healing modalities. At LoveToKnow Energy Healing, you can learn more about them. We'll answer common questions, such as how to cleanse and program them, which crystals are essential for beginners, or why you might be drawn to certain gemstones.

Sound Healing

Sound has a vibration that affects human energy systems, so using it is an effective method of energy healing. At LoveToKnow Energy Healing, learn the various uses of sound healing or get acquainted with commonly used sound healing instruments and tools.

Other Techniques

If you're just starting on your energy healing journey or you are looking for methods and information to supplement your current energy healing practices, LoveToKnow can help. Here, you can learn a variety of techniques, such as Reiki distance healing, working with the Law of Attraction to find love, or using other techniques like magnet therapy to meet specific goals such as weight loss.

Your Trusted Source for Energy Healing

With writers and editors who are experts in various aspects of vibrational healing and the human energy systems, let LoveToKnow become your trusted source when you want answers about energy healing. Whether you're seeking the perfect crystal or looking for ways to grow as an energy healer yourself, we've got you covered.

Energy Healing Techniques