Do Libras Have Mental Problems?

Libra making up her mind
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Do Libras have mental problems? No, they don't suffer from mental illness more than any other sign. It's just that some Libras might appear as if they have mental issues because they have such difficulty making up their minds.

Do Libras Have Mental Problems?

If you've ever watched a Libra trying to decide between two restaurants to eat at or which outfit to wear, you might very well ask yourself, "Do Libras have mental problems?" The good news is that more often than not, the answer is no. However, here's why it might seem at times.

Decisions, Decisions

It's not that Libra can't make up his mind, it's just that he loathes to. Many astrological signs are quite deft at coming to decisions, but as you've probably guessed by now, Libra is not one of them. Libra is very concerned with knowing that whatever decision he makes will be received well by anyone that may be affected by that decision.

Take, for example, the case of choosing between restaurants. On the surface, it might seem like a relatively simple decision. However, Libra is carefully weighing how far the restaurant is located (gas and mileage), the cost of the restaurant (is there enough money?) and whether or not his companion really wants to dine there (is she saying yes, just for me?).

Libra considers all of these factors simultaneously, and he carefully weighs all the pros and cons. As you can imagine, the entire process can be quite mentally taxing, which is why, exhausted and in true desperation, Libra will ultimately insist that his companion makes the decision. Bear in mind that this process is just for dinner; it's not even something as life altering as deciding where to live or whether or not to get married.

On the Other Hand…

Even when a Libra woman spends five to ten minutes batting her eyes sweetly and insists you make the decision, don't do it. She will instantly become disgruntled and choose the opposing option.

Clearly, dealing with this personality type day in and day out can easily have you wondering if Libra has a mental problems. The solution to this typical Libra problem involves a little bit of reverse psychology. Quickly think of the thing you want to do, and then tell her you actually want to do the opposite as you insist that she support your choice. In no time at all, Libra will get angry and quickly decide she wants the opposite choice (the one you wanted in the first place), and lickety split, you'll be sitting in your favorite restaurant enjoying a fantastic meal.

Libra in Love

If you've ever been in love with a Libra, you know this partner can be quite flighty when it comes to matters of the heart. One moment you are the love of your Libra's life, the next moment you're out. Love with a Libra is often a whirlwind of fervently whispered promises, missed phone calls and forgotten dates. To be sure, this is one fickle sign.

Making Love Work with Libra

So, how can you make a relationship work with this seemingly impossible sign? First, never insult Libra's intelligence. Second, give her all the time she needs to make up her mind. Yes, it is taxing and time consuming, but a happy Libra is so much more delightful to be around than one who pouts. Third, and finally, take heart in the fact that Libra is very kind and caring; this sign wants to make sure that each decision benefits everyone. Now, doesn't it feel wonderful to have someone as considerate as that in your life?

Do Libras Have Mental Problems?