Which Zodiac Signs Are Best in Bed?

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
Passionate lovers holding hands and kissing in bed

When you jump into bed with a lover, you're teetering on the edge of giving and receiving. The individuals who are generally agreed to be the best in bed are those who can walk a fine line between selfishness and selflessness, the desire to please and the desire to be pleased.

The Zodiac's Best Lovers

Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces are generally considered the zodiac's best lovers. However, the Sun sign is not the driving force of a person's sexuality. You'll need to check out a person's complete birth chart to get the full picture of their sexuality. Still, an individuals' Sun sign offers clues to their sexual habits and preferences, and why they may be great in bed.

A Libra in Bed

Few people do give and take in bed better than a Libra; they are standout lovers that can maneuver give and take and with grace and elegance. The sex act is sacred to Libra, who is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They want to make sure both they and their partner is satisfied, and that all needs met, no matter how kinky. To a Libra, sex is the joining of two into one in an embrace that is both physical and spiritual. Sex for a Libra involves mental stimulation and verbal foreplay. A Libra is the most sexually compatible with a Sagittarian or a Leo.

A Scorpio in Bed

A Scorpio is sexual passion incarnate and fascinated by the emotional dimension of sex and erotic activities. Scorpio's ruler Mars gives them a sex drive that's penetrating, and their ruler Pluto gives them an understanding of erotic nuance. Together, they gift Scorpio with deep sensuality, as well as the ability to physically and emotionally merge with their partner. A Scorpio explores the depths and the extremes and wants to take their lover to the heights of ecstasy until the line between ecstasy and agony blur. They often indulge in scenarios involving power and control and are the most sexually compatible with Pisces or another Scorpio.

A Pisces in Bed

A Pisces in bed is a selfless chameleon, they can be whatever their partner wants them to be and can almost magically tune into all their partner's sexual wants and needs. Pisces are nonjudgmental, pay attention to nonverbal cues, and approach sex with a sense of empathy. For a Pisces, who is ruled by the planet Neptune, sex is an ethereal, almost out of body merging with their lover that is timeless and spaceless. A Pisces is romantic and sensual and the most sexually compatible with Cancer or Scorpio.

Sexual Astrology

If you look at a person's Sun sign only, you're, in a sense, judging a book by its cover. Mars, Venus, and the Moon are critical in sexual astrology.

  • The Sun shows your basic nature - what you do in bed that makes you feel vital and alive.
  • The Moon shows your basic needs - what you need in bed to feel emotionally fulfilled.
  • Mars is your sex drive - what turns you on and excites you - how you want to be pleased.
  • Venus is what and how you love - how you want to please your partner.

In sexual astrology, the Sun and the Moon relate to basic urges, whereas Venus and Mars deal more with the actual sex act, and how it's played out.

Horoscopes Are Not Gender Specific

Men and woman have key physical differences and children are usually conditioned to act in certain ways due to gender. However, you can't look at an astrological chart and tell if to belongs to a man, woman, dog, or world event. If an astrologer knows the gender of a client, they're likely to take it into account. However, every man and woman, straight, gay, or bi-sexual, has a Moon, Venus, and Mars in their birth chart, so gender is becoming less and less important when it comes to interpreting sexuality in a birth chart.

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Sex Is a Journey Undertaken by Two Individuals

If you want to make sure your partner gets as much out of your time together in bed as you do, check out their Moon, Venus, and Mars, then compare your horoscopes regarding the four planets above. How does your Sun match your partner's Sun? How does your Sun match your partner's Moon and vice versa? The same goes for Venus and Mars. Most important of all is to trust your own feelings and experiences.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Best in Bed?