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Taurus & Taurus Compatibility in Love and Friendship

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
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Taurus and Taurus compatibility brings together two different people who have an innate understanding and rapport. They are natural companions who have an affinity for one another and can encourage and reinforce both the good and bad traits of Taurus.

Taurus and Taurus Love Compatibility and Personality

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Among all the Earth signs, Venus ruled Taurus is the one that's made for and wants to love. They are quiet, reserved, practical, and gentle individuals whose mantra in life and in love is slow, easy, and pleasurable. When a Taurus man and woman meet, love is on the agenda.

Taurus' Positives Love Traits

When in love, a Taurus is pleasure-seeking, sensual, romantic, consolatory, and protective. Two Tauruses can give each other what's needed to make their romantic hearts shine.

Two Tauruses in Love

When a Taurus man and a Taurus woman fall in love, they will:

  • Have a slow-motion relationship
  • Share their love of the good life
  • Spend pleasurable times together
  • Be sweetly romantic and affectionate
  • Luxuriate in the warmth of the physical aspects of love
  • Comfort one another
  • Rarely fight or experience jealousy
  • Give each other room to make mistakes
  • Be loyal to one another
  • Expect their love to be lifelong and lead to marriage, kids, and an abundant and comfortable life
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Taurus' Negative Traits As a Couple

As romantic, affectionate, and passive as a Taurus can be, they can also be controlling, possessive, materialistic, acquisitive, self-indulgent, and a bit lazy. Negatively, a Taurus couple can become:

  • Overly materialistic
  • Overly protective, possessive and territorial of each other and what they have
  • Too acquisitive and compulsively spend money on luxuries they don't need.
  • So comfortable with each other just lazing around that it's too much effort to go out for some fun
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Insular Relationship

Perhaps the biggest problem with Taurus/Taurus compatibility in love, particularly in a marriage, is that due to the fixed Earth nature of Taurus, their relationship can become insular. Typically, a Taurus is not a particularly active social individual. The companionship of another Taurus added to the protectiveness and possessiveness that's intrinsic in both can become a barrier. A barrier that prevents them from spending time socializing with others for fear it might constitute a threat to their marriage.

Taurus/Taurus Friendship Compatibility

The best things about a friendship between Taurus and Taurus is that they enjoy the same activities, are loyal to one another, and the effort each puts into the relationship. It doesn't matter how long they've known each other; neither takes the other for granted, and both keep working to strengthen their friendship.

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Other Issues in a Taurus/Taurus Relationship

Even though both members of the relationship have a Taurus Sun, they are different individuals with different values, likes, dislikes, talents, and interests. When these differences show up, and they will, both can be stubborn and immovable. This can lead to standoffs that can escalate into explosive temper tantrums. These differences are related to their entire birth charts, particularly the house where their Taurus Sun resides and the astrological sign and house of Venus, the ruler of Taurus.

The Sun's House

The Taurus Sun needs to shine in the astrological house it occupies. Examples:

  • A Taurus with the Sun in the ninth house is adventurous. They feel the happiest and most alive when they're traveling, studying, and learning.
  • A Taurus with the Sun in the fourth house is a homebody. They feel the happiest and most alive when they're taking care of their home and family the best way they can.

The Sign of Venus

Venus is Taurus' ambassador and represents the needs and interests of a Taurus Sun. So even if a Taurus's outward demeanor suggests calm and reserve, the sign of Venus has a say in a Taurus' relationships. Examples:

  • A Taurus who has Venus in Aries is more on the go and independent than their Sun sign suggests. They want their relationships to be more playful and spontaneous. George Clooney is a good example of a Taurus who has Venus in Aries.
  • A Taurus who has Venus in Gemini is much more social and witty than their Sun sign suggests. They want their relationships to be more fun, stimulating, and conversational. Al Pacino is a good example of a Taurus who has Venus in Gemini.

The Complexity of a Taurus

The Sun is the guiding light of every Taurus. However, the entire birth chart reveals the complexity of each individual Taurus. Yes, there is more to every Taurus than meets the eye, and any Taurus/Taurus relationship is more complicated than Sun signs alone. If you want to delve further into your Taurus/Taurus relationship, you can easily calculate your birth charts at

Taurus & Taurus Compatibility in Love and Friendship