How to Attract a Gemini Woman and Keep Her Interested

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You can learn how to attract a Gemini woman, but more importantly keep her interested. A Gemini woman is very articulate, quick-witted, and has a lightning-fast mind.

Attracting a Gemini Woman and Keeping Her Interest Begins With the Mind

A Gemini woman lives in her mind. She is constantly analyzing, planning, observing, and evaluating everything around her. Simply put, not everyone is her mental equal. Are you?

How You Measure Up to a Gemini Woman

If you wish to hold your own with a Gemini woman, you need to be an excellent conversationalist. This means you need to know a little about everything. If you cannot communicate easily and make yourself understood, you don't stand a chance attracting a Gemini woman.

It's What You Know, Not Who You Know

Gemini is an information sponge. Before the Internet there was Ask a Gemini. Knowledge is the ultimate power for a Gemini woman, and she knows how to wield it. Just like Mercury, the mythological Roman winged-footed messenger for the gods, Gemini has a compulsion to share news and information with everyone.

Mix It Up

If you've managed to attract a Gemini woman, you need to keep her interested or she'll fly off to find someone else. Change the theme of your dates. Don't fall into a pattern of dinner every Friday night at a specific restaurant followed by a movie.

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  • Go to a club, theater or a concert followed by a late dinner.
  • Spend the afternoon boating on the lake.
  • Surprise her with a helicopter tour of the city.
  • Treat her to a secret getaway weekend.

Creativity Is Paramount

You have to be creative when it comes to being with a Gemini woman. She'll expect you to have hobbies and interests you can share with her. You may find yourself teaching her how to play your guitar or sharing your favorite book.

New Adventures to Explore

Gemini is insatiably curious about the world. She loves to travel and meet new people. If you genuinely share this interest, you could be a good match.

Living Off the High Octane of Change

Another important part of life for a Gemini woman is change. Gemini becomes bored very easily and is always seeking new experiences and ideas. Gemini is the queen of makeovers. If you're wishing to attract a Gemini woman, you need to keep her guessing what's next. Repetition and routine are the quickest ways to turn her off!

Social Queen

A Gemini woman is very social. She loves being entertained as well as entertaining others. She'll throw a party at the drop of a hat. She is always going somewhere with someone. She loves to dance, but also enjoys a quiet summer dinner in the garden.

The Art of Flirting With a Sexy Mind

A Gemini woman knows how to flirt and thoroughly enjoys the excitement of flirting. If you can match her skill set, then you will quickly see the sparks flying between you. Remember, the biggest turn on for a Gemini woman happens in her mind. She will melt for a man with a sexy mind who knows how to use it to flirt with her.

Forget the Rules and Fly

The quickest way to turn off a Gemini is hesitation, trepidation and fear. If you're too concerned about breaking rules, you won't be a good match for a Gemini woman. She'll accuse you of being a stick-in-the-mud and fly right past you to the next possible soulmate.

Having Fun Is a Priority

A Gemini woman isn't concerned about the mundane chores in life. She'll abandon the laundry room overflowing with dirty clothes in a heartbeat to accept an invitation to go out with friends. Life is too short for the mundane. She'll get to those clothes when she can because they aren't going anywhere. In the meantime, she is. If you can't live with this attitude, then you are not the right match for a Gemini woman.

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Methodical and Logical Thinker

Gemini is very methodical and logical. A Gemini woman doesn't waste time making a list of pros and cons to figure out the best way to get from point A to B. She's already worked it out in her mind and left hours ago while you're still standing there fidgeting with your list. In her mind, the path or decision is very clear the moment she considers it.

Being Phony Is a Turn Off

If you wish to impress a Gemini woman, you need to first be true to yourself. Gemini is turned off by anything or anyone that is phony. She has a sixth sense about people and quickly sizes them up within the first few seconds of meeting them. If you try to present yourself as something you aren't, she'll know and there are no do overs with a Gemini woman.

Romance Can Sway a Gemini Heart

While a Gemini woman lives in her head, she does have a big heart when she remembers it. Once you've managed to captivate her mind, you need to focus on her heart. A Gemini woman loves romantic gestures. The more your romance efforts are tied to her mind, the more romantic she'll view them.

Show You Are Paying Attention

When you make a romantic gesture, be sure it shows you're paying attention to your Gemini woman. For example, if she told you she hates milk chocolate but loves dark chocolate and you give her a box of milk chocolates for Valentine's Day, she'll be insulted. In fact, to her, that kind of faux pas tells her that you aren't paying attention to what she says, and that translates to you don't really care about her. Unfortunately, for you, that's how the Gemini mind works.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman and Keep Her Interested Forever

The way to a Gemini woman is through her mind. If you can capture her imagination and keep her mentally engage and challenged, you'll keep her interested forever!

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