Gemini & Gemini Compatibility in Relationships

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A Gemini and Gemini relationship is stimulating, and these two twins have a high compatibility rating. This couple's experience will be fun, intellectual, full of chatter, and incorporate learning new things.

Communication in a Gemini & Gemini Relationship

There is never a lack of communication between two Geminis. You are constantly talking about something new and exciting. Sharing information is always a hot topic and there is rarely a lull in their conversations.

Geminis Are Always Learning New Things Together

As a couple, you will get double the pleasure out of learning. It doesn't matter what the topic is. The two of you enjoy exploring new ideas, philosophies, religions, and anything that sparks your imaginations. You are avid readers and may even enjoy reading out loud to each other. Not surprisingly, your favorite haunts are museums, libraries, and bookstores. Each of you are thrilled to share with your partner new art galleries or shops to explore.

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Gemini Man in a Gemini Relationship

A Gemini man in a Gemini relationship appreciates his partner's ability to function as a happy individual without needing him. He enjoys his Gemini mate's curiosity and constant need to be doing something. He finds a Gemini partner to be one of the rare zodiac signs that can keep up with him.

Gemini Woman in a Gemini Relationship

A Gemini woman appreciates her Gemini partner's insatiable desire to learn new things. She's happy to drop everything to join her partner in a spontaneous outing. She loves change, and is always excited when her partner shares a new idea, theory or new interest.

Social Butterfly Couple

No one enjoys social gatherings more than the twins. The two of you are often invited to parties to ensure there is a centerpiece of entertainment since you are such fun to be around. The two of you guarantee a party will be entertaining since having fun is second nature for both of you. You often play off each other with your repertoire of jokes, barbs and amusing stories.

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Your Priorities Are the Same

A Gemini pair have the same priorities in life and are always on the same page when it comes to what is important. Neither of you are emotional and live in your heads most of the time. You don't have to worry about your partner putting limitations or rules on you. Both of you are free spirits and have no desire to control the other one.

Fun and Adventures for Gemini Couples

Geminis are all about having a fun lifestyle. As a couple, you're always looking for the next adventure. Neither of you are planners, so your life a very spontaneous life and will stop in the middle of fixing breakfast to run pack a suitcase and take off for the weekend. You may not even know your destination, but then, that is part of the fun of being a Gemini.

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Challenges a Gemini and Gemini Relationship Faces

There are some unique challenges that a Gemini and Gemini relationship may face. If both partners aren't mature and experienced, conflict may arise over some of the very qualities that endears Gemini to the rest of the zodiac signs.

No One Is Paying Attention to Finances

It doesn't matter if you're a Gemini man or a Gemini woman, money isn't important to you. As a couple, this can have the effect of flying on a plane without a pilot. Neither of you wants to be in charge of finances. You find it boring and tedious.

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Unfortunately, if neither of you takes responsibility for your finances, you could end up spending all your money on dining out, trips and shopping. You can easily end up with nothing leftover to pay your monthly expenses, such as your rent or mortgage. The best solution is to hire someone you can trust to oversee your accounts and set a monthly spending allowance for each of you.

Trust and Fidelity Often Threaten Relationship

Gemini often has a difficult time being faithful due to a tendency of boredom with a partner. As a result, a Gemini couple may have more trust and fidelity challenges than other couples. When this is coupled with the Gemini's natural predilection to flirt, breakups can easily occur.

Lack of Emotional Depth Hurts Relationship

A sexual relationship with another air sign might not be enough to keep a Gemini couple's sex life exciting. While both of you are open to experimentation neither of you is a very emotional person. Emotions are what anchor a sexual romantic relationship and provide depth and commitment.

Issues With Two Air Signs Together

Once the initial newness of the Gemini couple's relationship wants, you'll be seeking to infuse that excitement back into your sex life and overall relationship. This may prove fun at first, but you may still be left unfulfilled. Experimentations usually don't counter the lack of emotional depth desired in a long-term relationship.

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Elements of Your Relationship

A Gemini man or a Gemini woman is forever seeking the fire that a sexual romance can deliver. The elements of air and air together can create a whirlwind, but it soon runs out of energy. You can infuse new energy into your relationship by different methods, but you may eventually feel it is superficial.

Needed Spark for Romance Inferno Is Missing

If you are a Gemini not satisfied with always skimming the surface of your emotions, you may turn to others in an effort to find that powerful emotional response. This can lead to infidelity and a breakup. The combination of the two Gemini air elements can't compete with the exciting emotional power of the firestorm that fire signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sparks in Gemini.

Gemini and Gemini Relationships and Their Compatibility Factor

There are many positive reasons why a Gemini and Gemini relationship gets high marks for compatibility. However, most Geminis find that this double dose of themselves proves to be too much and eventually seek another lover.

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Gemini & Gemini Compatibility in Relationships