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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility In Relationships

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The prospects for a Cancer and Cancer relationship are highly romantic, intensely sexual and extremely emotional. All of these are things that a Cancer sign celebrates, especially the emotional connection the two of you share. These are two signs where being alike isn't too much of a good thing.

Home Is Where Cancer and Cancer's Hearts Are

The Cancer zodiac sign is the home, hearth and family sign of the three water signs, leaving Pisces and Scorpio at the starting gate. Cancer has already chosen the house and names the future children you'll have together. The good news is your tastes and styles are so similar, you'll quickly agree on the house and the kids' names.

Rush to Make a Happy Home Together

Once Cancer and Cancer find each other, they can't wait to get the dating rituals out of the way. In fact, it's very likely the two of you just skipped over much of the dating part and went straight into planning that great big wedding. You want all the frills since you see your wedding as the benchmark for the rest of your life together.

Home Is Your Retreat

For Cancer, your home is your safe haven. It is where you retreat from the pain of living in the real world. Your home is cozy and filled with all your cherished possessions. The two of you often have your own space that houses your keepsakes. These spaces are sacred places just for you. Both of you respect each other's privacy and need for this periodic respite.

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Love, Devotion and Loyalty

You are fiercely devoted and loyal to each other. You will protect your love and your relationship from any and all threats. You believe in the sanctity of a love relationship, especially marriage. You're faithful to your mate and would never dream of doing anything to dishonor or betray her/him.

Deep, Calming Emotional Waters

For Cancer, love is a feast of sharing emotions and making life a romantic fairytale love story. You will do everything in your power to protect that ideal.

Natural State of Being

Cancer and Cancer compatibility means both of you have a sense of calmness and happiness when you're together. This means the two of you try to keep life on an even keel without arguments tainting your idyllic home life.

Emotions Can Run High

Sometimes the emotions that bubble up from Cancer just can't be calmed with a cup of tea and sympathy. Those emotions can be contagious to sensitive empathic Cancer. Just be extra careful not to say or do things that you'll regret once the stormy sea has calmed since Cancer can be overly dramatic at times.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility and Nurturing Tendencies

Your relationship is very nurturing with the two of you always there to support each other. It's important that when one of you hits a mood swing, the other remains steadfast. You can help your mate best by being the shoulder she/he needs to cry on. Give a hug and a kiss and assure your beloved that life will continue on and tomorrow will be better.

Cancer and Cancer Relationship Sexuality

Cancer is a caring and tender partner. As a couple your sexuality is passionate and deeper than many couples since your emotions run so deep. Your form of sensuality is intertwined with your emotions. Pleasing your partner is pleasing and self-fulfilling.

Intuitive Knowledge of Each Other's Needs

Cancer's personality is part of its nature as an intuitive and nurturing water sign. You know each other's nature and your emotional and sexual needs. You eagerly meet these expectations and work to maintain a good relationship.

Recreational Down Time

Two Cancers are like peas in a pod when it's time for recreation. You recognize that you need down time and seek fun ways to enjoy this time together. Such destinations are often to a body of water. For example, summer vacations are usually a big tradition in the Cancer household.

Water Destinations

Water parks are a favorite summer activity for you and your family. You either own a summer lake house or rent the same beach house every year. Both of you enjoy water sports and you probably have a swimming pool in your backyard where you and your little ones live the rest of summer.

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Saving for Vacations

Cancer will save all year for their annual vacation. This is money you earmark and put in a special savings account just so you and your family have that special week or two spent getting reacquainted and reinforcing your family ties.

Finances and Possible Problems

The two of you understand the connection between beauty and art. You appreciate the finer things in life, but you're also sensible when it comes to money matters. In fact, you have an innate insecurity when it comes to finances. This makes you appear miserly and sometimes greedy in your quest to have financial security.

Conflict Between Home and Money

The need to have a comfortable and beautiful home while at the same time having financial security can set up an internal conflict that can create an outward conflict in your relationship. The two of you need to address the money issue before taking on the expense of a home.

Find a Balance

You can set a goal for savings and put off investing in a home until you reach that goal. However, for most Cancer couples that would be Herculean feat since the two of you crave a home more than anything else material. An ideal solution would be to set a monthly savings amount and adhere to a strict decorating budget, finding creative ways to have that wonderful home without the big price tag.

The Truth About Cancer and Cancer Relationships

The compatibility found in a Cancer and Cancer relationship is enviable by many zodiac signs. You can create a wonderful home that will serve both of you as a respite and haven where you can build a life and family together.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility In Relationships