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7 Virgo and Scorpio Love Compatibility Factors Compared

Karen Frazier
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Virgo is a mutable earth sign, while Scorpio is fixed water, so how compatible are the two sun signs when they are in love? Virgo and Scorpio compatibility can result in a positive experience for both partners if each accepts the other's traits and works to provide balance for both people in the relationship. While the pairing has great potential for lasting love, how Virgo and Scorpio manage these seven love factors between them can spell relationship success or failure.

1. Scorpio Water and Virgo Earth in Love

Virgo is a grounded and pragmatic earth sign, while Scorpio is an emotional water sign. Because of this, Virgo takes a practical and often calculated approach to love while Scorpio's approach is more emotionally intense. And while those may seem to be incompatibilities in basic temperament and approach to life, in this love pairing, Virgo and Scorpio can each bring needed balance to their partner. For example, Virgo's earthy grounding influence can help to stabilize Scorpio's fluctuating emotions, while Scorpio's deep and mysterious brooding sensibility can help reserved Virgo to explore some of her deeper feelings. Because each balances the other in critical ways, water sign Scorpio and sensible earth sign Virgo can be a highly successful pairing where each brings out the best in the other.

2. Fixed Scorpio Versus Mutable Virgo in Romantic Relationships

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning she is deeply rooted in status quo and likes to keep things in her life consistent. This includes her love relationships, making her tenacious when seeking love and investing in her relationship. Virgo is a mutable sign, and his down-to-earth practicality extends to the outward display of his expectations in love relationships as well. Due to his fixed nature, Scorpio may be more cautious in entering a relationship, but once he's in, he's all in. Mutable Virgo may have secret longings for idealized love, but her practical nature allows her to recognize the difference between ideal love and real love and adapt accordingly. Virgo's adaptability works well with Scorpio's dogged pursuit of maintaining status quo, and the two wind up balancing one another in love relationships in a way that allows them long-term success.

3. Effects of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto on Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, while Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury's influence renders Virgo highly discerning and organized in her life and relationships. Pluto's influence on Scorpio drives Scorpio's deep intensity, while Mars often imparts a temperamental nature. As with all other aspects in the Scorpio and Virgo love compatibility, the ultimate result is one of harmony, as each balances the other. Virgo can tame Scorpio's more temperamental nature while Scorpio brings out Virgo's more emotional side.

4. Virgo and Scorpio's Physical Intimacy

Virgo has a shy and conventional sensibility when it comes to sexual matters; after all, his sign is "the virgin." Scorpio, on the other hand, is often a deeply smoldering pit of passion. She likes her sex, she prefers it hot and a little dirty, and she wants it as frequently as possible. And while this may make it appear that Virgo and Scorpio are sexually incompatible simply based on these traits, the truth is that each can balance the other when it comes to physical intimacy. Passionate Scorpio makes timid Virgo more adventurous, while Virgo's high expectations inspire Scorpio to be the best she can be both in the bedroom and out of it. However, these opposing factors can also have a downside: while Scorpio will appreciate the thrill of the chase in the early stages of physical intimacy, over time Virgo's less than adventurous sexuality may ultimately cause Scorpio to grow bored with the more conventional sex Virgo prefers. It's up to Scorpio and Virgo in love to communicate their expectations for physical intimacy and find a balance that pleases them both.

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5. Virgo's Emotional Connection With Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio are different when it comes to their emotional lives. Virgo is often shy, analytical, and reserved while Scorpio is extremely confident and deeply emotional. With these two seemingly opposite aspects, Virgo and Scorpio each bring balance to the other. While Virgo is more emotionally stable than the extremely emotional Scorpio, the more even-keeled Virgo can help to bring balance to Scorpio's deep and often dramatic feelings. Likewise, Scorpio's deep emotional life can help Virgo to explore her emotions more thoroughly. The result is a solid and harmonious emotional connection that bodes well for romantic compatibility.

6. Temperamental Compatibility Between Scorpio and Virgo

Both Scorpio and Virgo are intensely private and often introverted, enjoying spending time alone. And while the motivations may be different for this need for alone time, each understanding the others' need for space helps keep the relationship rich and compatible. Virgo also likes Scorpio's confidence, while Scorpio admires and aims to emulate Virgo's emotional stability. Virgo's extreme self-sufficiency, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge for suspicious and jealous Scorpio. However, with time, communication, and trust, the duo can clear this potential hurdle, and Scorpio will come to value having a partner who isn't particularly needy. Likewise, Virgo's grounded practicality can calm Scorpio's overdramatics and self-destructive streak. And while Virgo will likely be unable to keep his Scorpio mate from self-destructing from time to time, his emotional composure will allow him to roll with it and help Scorpio to rebuild in a new, positive way after he self-immolates.

7. Virgo and Scorpio's Intellectual Compatibility

Both Virgo and Scorpio can be quite cerebral. They both value intellect in themselves and their partners, and theirs is a meeting of the minds. They both like to learn and know things, and each finds intellect in a partner stimulating. In fact, their shared intellect is one of the most compatible aspects of a Virgo and Scorpio relationship as each will keep the other engaged and interested.

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A Balanced Partnership

In many aspects of romantic partnership, Virgo and Scorpio both bring balance to the other with each tempering and smoothing the other's sharper edges. The result is often a successful romantic relationship provided each works to bring out the best in themselves and their partner.

7 Virgo and Scorpio Love Compatibility Factors Compared