Earth Pig Sign in Chinese Astrology

Chinese pig zodiac medal

The pig zodiac sign is grounded by the earth element. This element serves to firmly set the overall traits of this sign, like a tree taking root. Earth provides greater stability in emotions, intellect and creativity.

Earth Element Influence

The earth element nurtures and encourages individual growth. Common traits are often transformed into exceptional ones. Negative traitss can either be transformed into a lesser weakness or accentuated into a worse characteristic.

For example, a stubborn streak can be made stronger, and then either becomes the positive trait of refusing defeat or the negative extreme of being inflexible.

You are an earth pig if your birth date falls within this date range:

  • February 3, 1899 - January 31, 1900
  • February 8, 1959 - January 28, 1960

The next birth date range will be:

  • February 5, 2019 - January 25, 2020

Earth Pig's Best Traits

All earth pigs are industrious and diligent. The earth element gives the pig several additional outstanding qualities:

  • Hard worker: This sign is driven to work very hard at his career, not because he's filled with ambition; he just needs to be busy and have a purpose.
  • Values integrity: This element draws out the pig's integrity and polishes it into a shining beacon for everyone to emulate. The earth pig is typically beyond reproach. You can take an earth pig at his word without hesitation.
  • A lover: This sign is a nurturing and faithful lover. He wants to take care of his beloved and goes out of his way to make sure she's happy.
  • Popular: Everyone enjoys being around this down-to-earth guy. He knows how to enjoy a social event and has a great sense of humor. He genuinely likes other people and cares about their well-being.
  • Forgiving: In addition to these fine outstanding qualities, the earth pig is very forgiving of others.
  • Trustworthy and honest: The earth element is so powerful, that he's probably the most trustworthy of all zodiac signs. You can leave him in charge of everything you own and know that when you return, everything will be exactly where you left it.

Lesser Characteristics

No one is perfect, and no one possesses only good traits. The earth pig is a well-rounded individual, complete with flaws. Some of these include:

  • Uncultured: With all of his social skills, the earth pig isn't very cultured. He doesn't know a great deal about the arts and lacks the sophistication of a connoisseur.
  • Tends to overeat: The earth pig is happier eating a plain and common cuisine of his region instead of exploring new treats for his plain palate. Overeating is often a problem.
  • Lack of fiery ambition: It's true that the pig works hard. However, this is where his drive to succeed begins and ends. This isn't a man with fire in his belly to conquer the world or his chosen career. In fact, chances are his career chose him and he just found himself in his current job. He's content to go to work and get a weekly paycheck.
  • Emotional: This sign wears his heart on his sleeve all the time. The slightest thing said in the wrong tone will send him spiraling downward for weeks. He's emotionally immature and can't take any kind of criticism, even constructive. He won't throw a tantrum, but he will pout.

Earth Enhanced Qualities

The qualities found in earth pigs can be used to the individual's advantage once he understands them. For example, in order to excel in the workplace, he must learn to compensate for a natural lack of ambition by mapping out a plan for advancing his career. Once he learns to guard against being overly-sensitive to other people's words and actions, he can clear out much of the emotional baggage that holds him back in life.

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Earth Pig Sign in Chinese Astrology