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Chinese Astrology Horse and Tiger Compatibility

Chinese Astrology Horse and Tiger Compatibility

On the surface, the match between Tiger and Horse seems doomed. After all, both signs are independent, seductive, and are prone to boredom. However, the match is actually quite solid for both signs. Each sign… Keep reading »

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Chinese astrology is mysterious and exciting at the same time. It's deeply intertwined in every part of life in China and has grown in popularity in western cultures. Chinese astrology can provide a window into your personality, career, and love prospects as well as divine your future good (or bad) fortune.

Understanding Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology dates back more than four thousand years to the Yellow Emperor. It brings together the familiar elements of traditional Chinese culture. Yin-Yang, the theory of the five elements, Heaven and Earth, and Confucian morality, are the philosophical underpinnings of Chinese astrology.

Animal Symbols

Chinese astrology is based on a 12-year cycle, where each year is represented by an animal symbol. These 12 animals are the foundation of Chinese astrology. The year you were born determines your Chinese Zodiac sign. It's said the animal that rules the year in which a person is born is "the animal that hides in your heart." Additionally, each animal is also accolated a month, day, and hour.

The Five Elements

According to the Chinese astrology, there are five elements (metal, wood, fire, earth, air, and wood) that are said to add greater dimension to your personality. A person's element is also determined by the year of birth.

Yin Yang

Not only is each animal in the Chinese astrology ruled by an element; it's also governed by an energy force that is either Yin or Yang.

How Chinese Astrology Is Used

In addition to being used to understand someone's personality, Chinese astrology is used to answer many of life's questions.


Chinese astrology can be used to determine how compatible you are with friends, romantic interests, marriage partners, or family members will be with one another.

Choosing Auspicious Times

Prediction and choosing auspicious times for planning specific events are also a significant part of Chinese astrology. The Chinese calendar is used to divine the future.

Combined With Western Astrology

Chinese astrology's 12 animal signs can be combined with Western astrology's 12 zodiac signs to create a total of 144 combined signs. These 144 signs offer more significant insights into your life and the lives of others. The combinations are particularly useful in determining compatibility.

The Chinese Zodiac

Many people know enough about Chinese astrology to determine whether they are a Monkey, a Boar, or an Ox, etc. However, just like you're more than your Sun sign in western astrology, you're also more than your Chinese zodiac animal, and Chinese astrology can help you understand this.

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