Attracting a Libra Male

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Attracting a Libra male can be just as complicated as the seduction of any other zodiac sign. Libra males are born under a sign that craves unions and partnerships - even marriage. However, though a male may have inherent propensity to desire meaningful relationships, this still implies that his seducer must have a resume of characteristics and talents worthy of this merger. There are some attraction techniques that can be played up to meet the specific desires of a Libra, but overall, a key understanding of the male mind may prove more useful than the specifics of a zodiac sign.

Is He Really a Libra?

The reason you may need to rely on more general seduction techniques is because very few "Libra" males are actually dominantly Libra. Most often, a person defines his relation with the zodiac by his sun sign. However, having a sun sign in Libra does not make an individual dominantly Libra. Attempting to seduce a man based on a sun sign description can be a true mistake, particularly when the remainder of his natal chart is found in conflicting signs and elements.

A sun sign Libra with a moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury in water and earth elements may not respond to a lot of airy intellectual conversation and travel narratives. On the other hand, a sun sign Libra with a throng of planets in signs such as Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra will appreciate your dazzling stories and book reviews.

When you are planning an effective seduction, a solid first step is to obtain the natal chart of your potential lover. Learning as much as you can regarding the detailed psychology of this individual will serve you well. Certain elements within a natal chart can be turned off or even offended by aggressive approaches, whereas a chart that reveals a somewhat passive, shy and emotional nature may illustrate an individual who needs an assertive partner.

Dominantly Libra

Should your desired partner truly be a dominant Libra, you can adjust your technique to match the fun, balanced and relatively social nature of the Libra male. Libra males are not essentially shallow, but their need to weigh all things and arbitrate situations means that they tend to remain neutral in the majority of life's issues. Fixed passion that can burn a hole in a conversation is more appealing to the Scorpio, but Libras will know a lot about many things without investing too much emotion in them. If you are an activist in any way, or a person with a variety of strong opinions, this may damage your ability to attract the Libra man. Maintaining conversations that are quick-witted and seductively sly will intrigue your partner without being overbearing.

Of course a surefire way to attract a Libra male is to actually be attractive. You will need to place a large amount of emphasis on your physical appearance. Although this suggestion is true when it comes to the seduction of most men, Libra's are ruled by Venus, a planet that focuses great weight on love and romance. An eye-catching smile and a tight physique are amongst the more promising methods of leaving an image in his mind. This doesn't mean you need to look like a supermodel, but a simple teeth-whitening and a dedicated gym protocol can be a great help when it comes to first impressions and beyond.

The Chase and the Fantasy

Libras are not the dark poetic type. They like to have fun, and they do enjoy games. In such cases it is best to let the Libra male chase you. Don't be too available. Be warm and clever in conversations, but be sure to leave before the dialogue gets stale. You don't want to stick around for any awkward pauses. You always want to ensure that all your Libra's interactions with you are positive, exciting and different. Employing a sense of fantasy can help your potential mate to associate your existence with something transcendent. Should you begin to date, avoid trite dinner and movie settings, coffee houses or anything that could possibly link you as similar to his past dates or partners. Try to exude a sense of luxury without seeming pretentious. Libra males also prefer that their partners are never callous or crude.

Libra males do have a tendency to be lazy, and they can easily lose momentum in relationships. This means it will be up to you to maintain his interest by employing a sense of mystery. Do not reveal too much of yourself in a condensed period of time. Your mystery is what keeps this man intrigued, and people who tend to unearth all of their history and woes to their potential partners leave little to be chased or desired. Intimacy is something to be earned, and there is truth to the concept that familiarity and passion are intrinsically incompatible concepts. Your best bet for attracting a Libra male is to be the sort of partner he has never encountered before. Taking him by surprise and leaving much to be remembered will help you attract not only Libra, but all types of men.

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Attracting a Libra Male