Your Pisces Child: Personality Traits and Tendencies

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A Pisces child is thoughtful and loving with personality traits found in what many call old souls who are wise beyond their years. This beautiful, sensitive and emotional child brings amazing joy and love into your life.

Help Your Pisces Child Cope With Empath and Psychic Abilities

Your Pisces child is an empath and has keenly developed psychic abilities. This combination makes her/him overly sensitive to other people. As an empath, a Pisces child easily picks up on fear and insecure feelings in others. These abilities present special challenges for your Pisces child that other children don't have. This makes it difficult to know which emotions belong to them or to others. This causes Pisces to take on other people's problems as their own.

Sensitive to Other People's Emotions

As an empath, your Pisces child is ultra-sensitive to other people's moods and emotions. The unspoken nuances of individual personalities are easily perceived by your Pisces child. You should never raise your voice in anger to a Pisces child; it will shatter them emotionally. The last thing a Pisces child wants is to displease you. If they do, you can count on their disappointment being far greater than yours.

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Teach Your Pisces Child Filtering Techniques

You can teach your child how to filter out other people's emotions and separate disturbing feelings from their own. The sooner you help your Pisces child learn this through various techniques the easier childhood will be for them.

Pisces Child Is Compassionate

A Pisces is loving with endless compassion for others. In fact, that compassion extends to all life. Your Pisces child is the first to console another child like a big brother or sister. Pisces often feels a need to make things right for everyone thanks to the combination of their endless compassion and empathetic abilities.

Nurture a Happy Home, Filled With Love

Nurturing your Pisces child is paramount to raising a healthy, happy and well-balanced individual. Arguments, anger and other negative emotions have a powerful destructive impact on this highly sensitive soul. While disagreements aren't avoidable, how you and other family members resolve conflict is vital to your Pisces child's well-being.

Pisces Children Love to Be Cuddled

A Pisces child is so special with their all-consuming emotional nature. This is one child that loves to be cuddled, hugged, and kissed. You can never spoil a child with love, especially a Pisces child.

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Calm a Pisces Baby or Child's Fear of Abandonment

The emotional bond your child has with you can potentially become a problem when you need to leave her/him with others. The fear of abandonment can be strong in this sensitive child who needs constant reassurance since they can easily suffer from sensory/emotional overload.

Reassurance Defuses Pisces Separation Anxiety

As a parent, you can reassure your Pisces child by keeping your own emotions on an even keel. Your child's anxiety can quickly be defused when you are calm and loving. It may take several times before your child acclimates to your separation.

Educate Caregivers Your Child's Sensitivity

It's always important that those left in charge of your Pisces child understand how sensitive she/he is to the nuances of body language, tone of voice and need for nurturing. Attention to these factors will make your Pisces child less anxious and able to cope with changes as they mature.

Pisces Children Crave Time Alone

Unlike most children, your Pisces child requires a regular amount of alone time. This is partly because she/he is bombarded with a constant stream of emotions and information. The solitude allows Pisces to recover and process. The other reason is Pisces enjoys time alone to contemplate all the great wonders they see beyond this world that few people ever glimpse.

Dreamy Pisces Child

Pisces children have an ethereal quality about them since they easily see past the veil that separates this world from other ones. They view life from a spiritual plane. If unchecked, this tendency can impede their development in the real world or make them prone to live in a fantasy world.

Parents Can Help Pisces Children Adjust

Pisces children tend to isolate themselves from the world so they can enjoy their inner world. A parent of a Pisces child must try to keep their water baby swimming on the surface instead of diving back into the deep waters for extended periods of time. Otherwise, your Pisces child could grow up seeking to escape the harsh cold world through various addictions.

Creative Pisces Minds Need Direction

Your Pisces child is highly intelligent and extremely creative. This creative energy runs deep in your child and as a parent, you can offer various opportunities for expressing it. Painting, drawing, singing, writing, dancing, music, and other art forms can provide Pisces with creative venues. Engage your Pisces child in at least one form of art to help guide their creativity.

Teach Your Pisces Child to Unbottle Emotions

You can teach your Pisces child how to unbottle their pent-up emotions. You don't want your child to keep their feelings locked up. Unexpressed emotions often afflict a Pisces child by manifesting as a real illness or disease. If the internalized emotions don't have a way to be vented, a Pisces child can become overwhelmed. When this happens, no amount of reasoning can penetrate their emotional meltdown.

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Seek a Counselor for Emotional Expression

A family or child counselor/therapist can be an excellent way for your Pisces child to express and even reconcile their emotions. Through therapy sessions, Pisces can learn to cope with their heightened sensitivities and other emotional problems. For example, a Pisces child in a divorced household may grow ill every Monday after the weekend with dad. Setting up a Monday appointment with a counselor can provide your child with new coping techniques and sick free Mondays.

Discipline Measures for Pisces Child

A Pisces child is wise beyond their years. After all, they are the last sign in the zodiac and have gone through the zodiac wheel at least 11 times with this last incarnation completing a full 12-cycle of lives. This rebirth in each zodiac has bestowed wisdom that your Pisces child retains. This means you rarely need to discipline your little one since they are an old soul living in a child's body. If they do something wrong, all you need do is explain to them why and give them instructions on how to respond in the future. That's it.

Learning About Your Pisces Child's Personality Strengths

Your Pisces child is very special and has much to offer to the world. When you shower your Pisces child with love and nurture them, they can find their place in the world and live a very productive and happy life.

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