Your Libra Child’s Personality and Characteristics

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Your Libra child is born with an innate need for balance that is revealed in personality traits and various characteristics. A harmonious home life is the ideal setting for this loving and tender-hearted child.

Positive Traits of Your Libra Child's Personality

Your Libra child is very social and enjoys the company of other children and adults. An air sign, Libra understands how to communicate both with words, body language and action. Your Libra child loves to read, especially fantasy stories and excels in school studies.

Libra Children Make Friends Easily

Libra's easy-going personality and social skills attracts friends. Your Libra child is popular and enjoys playing with other children.

Sports and Group Activities

Your Libra child isn't a competitive soul. The type of sports she/he enjoys are ones done as a social outing, such as bike riding and fishing. This air sign is drawn to activities that take them into the sky, such as swinging and jumping on a trampoline. As Libra children mature, air sports that attract them include hot air ballooning, skydiving, parasailing, and hang gliding.

Artistic and Sensitive Libra Kid

A Libra child is very creative. Sensitive to their surroundings, Libra children are observant of people, situations, and nature. These abilities help them to excel in all kinds of art.

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Style and Fashion Choices

From the start, Libra is a fashionista. Your Libra child has a clear vision of what is stylish to wear and what isn't. Your little one's sense of taste is finely tuned for one so young!

Libra Child's Need for Justice, Harmony and Balancing the Scales

Your Libra child comes into this world with a need to keep the scales of balance in line. There is never anything in-between for this kid when it comes to justice, harmony and peace.

Sense of Justice

You will notice this sense of justice from an early age. Your Libra child's ability to know right from wrong makes discipline easy. If Libra sees something that's unfair or unjust, she/he will bring it to your attention with the expectations of an immediate remedy.

Born to Mediate

Libra is the eternal peacemaker and knows how to mediate between opposite sides. Even as a child, this ability shines through when dealing with squabbles with siblings and friends. Your Libra child always steps into the fray to find a peaceful resolution.

Challenges You and Your Libra Child Face

One of the biggest challenges you and your Libra child must face together is your child's need to please. This need is fueled by Libra's excessive need for balance. This need drives your child to accommodate others to maintain harmony, often at the expensive of their personal rights.

Helping Your Libra Child Overcome the Need to Please

If your Libra child's behavior of trying to please everyone isn't brought into check, they could end up being someone's doormat. You need to work with your child and explain how this behavior can undermine their rights. Give examples of how this behavior can hurt your child and diminish their value as an individual.

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Polite and Afraid of Hurting Feelings

Your Libra child is very polite and too timid to voice her/his opinion. When put on the spot to voice an opinion, your Libra child stalls and falters. This politeness is compounded with the desire to please and a fear of offending. This type of behavior causes a Libra child to become indecisive. Instill skills in your child that will enable her/him to stand up for themselves and their ideas.

A Libra Child Consoles Others to Create Harmony

A Libra child almost gets into a panic whenever there is an upset within your household. Your Libra child's first reaction is to give you a hug and try to comfort you. Distracting you will be the next effort to restore harmony. You'll see this type of behavior anytime your little one encounters discord and disagreement. You can teach your child how to cope and approach disagreements as a natural occurrence between individuals.

Disharmony Harms Your Libra Child

Libra doesn't tolerate disharmony and discord. If arguments are common in your household, your Libra child will suffer. These negative energies often create a physical response in your Libra child. It's even possible your child will become physically ill from a constant lack of peace and harmony.

Appreciating Your Libra Child's Unique Characteristics

Easing a Libra child into the world requires insight and knowledge about this zodiac sign. Knowing your child's positive and negative attributes better equips you to raise a Libra child to stand tall in their convictions.

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Your Libra Child’s Personality and Characteristics