Your Leo Child’s Personality and Qualities

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Leo is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac, and being a Leo child imparts a number of personality characteristics and qualities. If you have a Leo child, you're in for a delightful -- if often challenging -- ride as a parent. Here's everything you need to know about your strong-willed and sunny Leo child.

Leo Child Personality Traits

Leos are natural born leaders with sunny personalities, a strong will, and an adventurous spirit. A Leo sun sign child's fixed nature guided by the fire element imparts a number of personality traits you'll likely notice.

Center of Attention

Leo is the proud lion, so it's probably no surprise that Leo children have a strong need to be the center of attention. These cubs like to be front and center at all times, so they may have a tendency to demand a parent's attention when it is directed elsewhere. And while Leo children are generally well-behaved because they crave praise, if the only way to get attention is to be a little bit naughty, then it's not beyond the lion cub to engage in negative behavior when they suspect mom or dad doesn't have them front and center at the moment. However, Leo kids would rather be recognized for good conduct, so they'll usually seek praise first before resorting to negative behaviors.


When it comes to enthusiasm, fire sign kids have it in spades, and your Leo child is no different. When a Leo child is excited, she's REALLY excited. This enthusiasm may lead to your child having a whole host of passions and interests.


Leo is a highly creative sign, and Leo children often learn best through creative, hands-on activities. Whether it's arts and crafts, writing, music, dance, or another creative outlet, Leos like to interact with the world by bringing something new into it through the creative process.

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As Leo kids get older, that infamous Leo pride often gets the better of them, and they can become a bit braggadocious. Humility isn't Leo's strong suit, even in very young Leos, and this lack of humility may be offputting for others. Work with your Leo child to help them learn to express themselves in ways that don't include bragging.


Leo kids are fiercely loyal to friends, family, and pets. In fact, they may be loyal to a fault, and this loyalty may lead them to being blindsided when a less conscientious friend doesn't reciprocate their fierce support. While Leo children may be slow to trust, once they do trust someone, they're true blue, and it takes a lot to break that loyalty.

Energetic and Fun

Of course, all kids love fun, but Leo children take fun to a whole new level. This is a high-energy child who likes to have a good time. Fortunately, Leo is very good-natured, and having fun comes naturally.

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Leo kids tend to have an adventurous streak that manifests early. So your Leo baby, eager to explore, might be an early scooter or crawler, and there's a good chance she'll figure out how to climb out of her crib at an early age. This means parents of young Leos need to keep a close eye to make sure their adventures are safe.


Leo children are all heart. They love quickly and deeply, and this love isn't just limited to people. Leos also love animals and can be great caretakers of pets when they're old enough to do so responsibly. This also means your little lion is always up for cuddles and other forms of affection.

Toys for Leo Children

Toys for Leo kids support their creative and social nature. Some toys your Leos will love include the following.

Art Supplies

Let your little Leo get crafty by having tons of art supplies on hand. From recycled materials they can use to make sculptures to crayons, paints, and paper, to play dough, make sure your young Leo has lots of arts and craft supplies to serve as a creative outlet.

Building Sets

Lego, Lincoln Logs, erector sets, and other building toys are nearly perfect toys for creative Leos, who can create their own worlds with simple building blocks or more complex building sets such as K'NEX.

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Dress-Up Clothes

Imaginative and dramatic Leos love dressing up in costumes, especially with friends or siblings. So hit a secondhand store and build a box of fun dress-up clothes for your creative and adventurous Leo.

Musical Toys

Musically minded Leo kids will also enjoy musical toys such as music players and instruments. Even Leo babies will love musical toys, such as a musical mobile; it's never too early to introduce your little Leo to music.

Tips for Parents of Leo Kids

Parenting a Leo is both a pleasure and a challenge. Consider the following tips.

Reinforce and Avoid Punishment

Leo children respond better to positive reinforcement than punishment. The trick is to "catch them being good" and offer specific praise based on the behavior. In fact, with Leo kids, withholding praise is often "punishment" enough. If you do need to punish your Leo child, apply logical consequences and help your cub to understand how their behavior or choices led to the specific outcome.

Direct Them to Self-Approval

Direct your Leo child to turn inward for approval instead of seeking praise from others. For example, instead of offering immediate praise when they do well, ask them, "How do you feel about how you did?" or use statements such as, "It must make you feel good to have accomplished that!"

Take Advantage of Their Enthusiasm

Use your Leo child's enthusiasm to their advantage. Put them in fun and creative pursuits that keep them active, social, and engaged.

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Don't Embarrass Them

No kid likes to be embarrassed, but Leos hate it more than any other sign of the Zodiac. What might seem mildly embarrassing to a non-Leo can feel deeply humiliating to Leo.

Channel Their Energy

Provide outlets for your high-energy Leo, such as team or individual sports. Additionally, provide plenty of opportunities for creative play.

Loving Your Lion

Leo children are fun, funny, adventurous, loving, creative, and loyal. They're also prideful and rambunctious, but as the parent of a Leo child, you can easily channel that energy in a positive direction. By allowing your child's big personality to shine and focusing their powerful energy in a positive direction, your lion cub is sure to roar.

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Your Leo Child’s Personality and Qualities