Your Capricorn Child’s Key Personality Traits

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The key personality traits your Capricorn child will exhibit are tied to their earth element. Not surprisingly, your Capricorn baby arrives with a deep connection to nature.

Capricorn Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

Capricorn children have a profound sense of family and thrive with a stable home life. They feel safe and comforted when surrounded by their immediate and extended family. Knowing their family roots gives them a feeling of belonging and connection to the world family.

Capricorn Baby

Your Capricorn baby loves to be cuddled and held close to you. Most Capricorn babies easily fall into a routine that you can depend on. You'll discover your baby thrives when life is organized, giving this earth sign a framework that provides a feeling of comfort.

Capricorn Children Are Conscientious

A Capricorn child is very conscientious. You will discover your little one has an inborn desire to succeed. This need drives your child to stick with tasks to the end. For example, if you assign your children daily chores, your Capricorn child will always complete those chores and often request additional ones.

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Capricorn Children Love to Help Others

A Capricorn child wants to help in any way possible. This child is Mommy's or Daddy's little helper. This is the child that will walk into the kitchen as ask what she can do to help you. This personality trait grows stronger as your child matures.

Organized and Needs Order

Your little sea-goat needs for things to be organized. You will find this one tidying up the den and clearing off the table after a meal. She will take it a step further and wash the dishes/load them in the dishwasher. This need for organization and order carries over into your child's bedroom, toys, books, and clothing.

Capricorn Child Loves Nature

A Capricorn child is an earth sign and reflects this elemental connection with a need to be outside immersed in nature. Take your little one on regular hikes, jaunts to the beach and mountains. Displays in museums about wildlife are always a big hit with Capricorn.

Need to Know How Things Work

Capricorn has a powerful need to know and understand how things work. This means an early interest in science and engineering. This is the kid that will play with building blocks, Legos and erector sets for hours on end. Give this child a microscope to investigate all manner of slides and create their own slides.

Creative Talents

A Capricorn child is creative and loves to make things out of other things. You may find your child building all kinds of high rises with playing cards or using boxes, bowls and other items to make a city. Your little one knows how to connect the dots and create something from almost nothing. Computers and any form of technology are gold mines for this creative mind.

Industrious at Early Age

A Capricorn child has a natural appreciation for hard work since it provides great satisfaction and boosts your child's self-esteem and self-confidence. Capricorn is the kid you see standing on the corner with a lemonade stand and the child receiving first place for having the most sales in a school fundraiser. This child will have their first job at the earliest age possible, such as mowing lawns and babysitting until legally eligible to work and hold down a job.

Capricorn Kids Are Thrifty

Your Capricorn child is the child in the household that always has money. That's because your sea-goat doesn't spend it and enjoys accumulating wealth. This attribute should be encouraged with a savings account of their own. You'll need to teach your child the different between being thrifty and being stingy or greedy, so they develop a balanced view of saving and spending money.

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A Capricorn Child Cares for Others

A Capricorn child is a natural caregiver. If family members become ill, Capricorn is right there, concerned and attentive. As a young child, Capricorn often runs around with a stethoscope or thermometer, offering imaginary medicines to make you feel better.

Feelings of Obligation to Less Fortunate

Capricorn kids have a sense of duty and obligation to help those in need. This is an attribute you can encourage with regular culling of clothing and toys to donate to various charities and causes.

Maturing Capricorn Child

As your Capricorn child matures, you'll notice a keen interest in their education and future. This child comes up with a life/career plan very early, often in grade school. Each step necessary in their education to land on the career path they've chosen is carefully and meticulously planned out.

Key Personality Traits of a Typical Capricorn Child

A Capricorn child has many endearing and special personality traits. This child is often called an old soul or precocious since their behavior is disciplined, logical and guided by a unique maturity for their age.

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Your Capricorn Child’s Key Personality Traits