What Is an Aquarius Child Like?

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An Aquarius child has a true air sign personality that seeks out new adventures and experiences. Your Aquarius child is always seeking the next best thing to try out and looks for others to join in, since the more the better.

An Aquarius Child Is Like a Pint-Sized Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is always chasing the next great archeological find and your Aquarius child is as much an adventurer as the movie character. Like Indiana, your Aquarius child loves to travel and explore. You want to provide this highly inquisitive child endless opportunities to make discoveries and have new experiences.

Freedom and Variety

You will soon discover that your Aquarius is all about freedom. You'll find out just how important freedom is to your water bearer the moment you take it away. Once Aquarius understands her freedoms are at risk, you won't have very many disciplinary problems. If your Aquarius child doesn't learn this lesson easily, you're in store for a railing like an F-5 tornado. Just retreat to your storm shelter until the big wind has blown itself out.

Fiercely Independent

An Aquarius child is fiercely independent and enjoys being by their self or with others. This child can survive quite nicely on her own. This is an underlying theme for your child's life.

Eccentric and Quirky Behavior

Your Aquarius child is one-of-a-kind. The Aquarius sign is known for a tendency to be quirky and even eccentric. It's important to allow your child to be true themselves and not force them to confirm. Of course, some things they will need to accept and adjust to, but you can help ease them into that discomfort zone.

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Your Aquarius Child's Education

You should start reading to your Aquarius child long before they are born. Aquarius is highly intelligent and craves knowledge of all kinds. This child's creative mind can drift off into a fantastical daydream if not adequately engaged in a classroom setting. Guard against boredom by keeping a close watch over your child's education so it is fulfilling.

The Arts and Science

Aquarius has a sharp mind for logic and critical thinking. Aquarius doesn't stay focused on the same things for long. One moment it may be an obsession over how many stars are in the Milky Way, and the next, it might be what Abraham Lincoln's favorite food was. You never know what will intrigue and capture an Aquarius child's attention. Expose your child to all forms of art and introduce her/him to various kinds of science disciplines.

Fun Physical Activities

Your Aquarius child needs to be engaged as much physically as mentally to maintain a balanced life. Your child most likely isn't athletically inclined, so you need to choose activities that are fun and offer a little adventure and mystery.

Plan Exciting Family Outings and Adventures

Get the entire family involved in outings and adventures. You can use these opportunities as educational venues for your Aquarius child's thirst for learning. Aquarius wants to understand how things work and will ask lots of questions. Once back home, encourage Aquarius to research to find those answers.

Aquarius Child Is a Friend to All

Aquarius children make friends very easily. Other kids are drawn to them since they aren't overly dramatic and are more cerebral than emotional. Your child's fun-loving, easy going Aquarius personality makes them a lot of an enjoyable companion. They don't tolerant kids who are needy or clingy but won't voice their sentiments since Aquarius is gracious with amazing social skills at an early age.

Mechanically Inclined

Aquarius is mechanically inclined. Your budding inventor or engineer is captivated by all things that are gizmo or gadget. You want to encourage this curiosity, but you should keep a watchful eye, so your budding engineer doesn't dismantle your toaster to understand how the mechanism works. A better solution is to buy your Aquarius child inventor an Erector set.

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Aquarius Child Has Psychic and Empath Abilities

Aquarius has psychic abilities as well as empathic tendencies. These are second nature to the air sign and often unrecognized since they are such an integral part of their persona. With these abilities and their natural mental acuity, Aquarius children don't require heavy-handed discipline. You are able to reason with your child by explaining why something was wrong and why they shouldn't repeat it.

Wanderlust and the Aquarius Child

The older your Aquarius child gets, the more you'll see the telltale signs of wanderlust. When your child reaches adulthood, you won't be surprised with the announcement she is trading in schoolbooks for a trek around the world. This sojourn will be solo and most likely with only a backpack, although your Aquarius kid will pick up friends along the way. Don't worry; your Aquarius child will send you lots of text messages and photos of her adventures.

Aquarius Child Spiritual Nature

Your Aquarius child will demonstrate a spiritual nature at a very early age. You'll quickly recognize the connection your water bearer has to everything, including nature spirits. Aquarius is a seeker of all things spiritual in a desire to understand the true meaning of life and her purpose. You can guide your Aquarius child in exploring religion and various religious topics. Be on hand to discuss with each since Aquarius enjoys deep discussions about what she has learn.

Understanding What Makes Your Aquarius Child Tick

As you grow to know your wondrous Aquarius child, you may find yourself asking how you could have produced such an amazing person. Be sure to show how much you appreciate your child's many talents and always supposed those creative and inquisitive instincts.

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What Is an Aquarius Child Like?