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Taurus and Money Management

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
man handling paper money

A Taurus knows the value of money and can be a great money manager. A Taurus works hard for their money and wants the payoff, the reward, the praise, and the promotion, but most of all they want the salary increase. Why? Because they want the good life that money can buy.

How a Taurus Manages Money

The Taurus motto is "I have." A Taurus manages the money they have because they place such a high value on stability.

  • They pay their bills on time; one missed payment can stress them out.
  • They are tenacious in seeking out the best buys.
  • They hold on to money and can be somewhat frugal.
  • They don't enjoy borrowing money or lending money.
  • They'll have a secret stash of cash.
  • They plan and save for the future.

Even if a Taurus has a secure and well-paying position as well as money in the bank and a stash of cash, they always seem to worry about not having enough.

Taurus Investments

A Taurus wants tangible things, including cold, hard cash. They want to touch, see and feel their money and what it buys as well as have easy access to it. They'd rather have money in the bank and be invested in a big, finely decorated house rather than in stocks and bonds. When a Taurus does invest, they're cautious and invest in something that's safe and long-term.

The Taurus Connection to Money

Taurus, the personal fixed Earth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Venus. Venus, the planet of love, also rules money. Taurus is also the natural ruler of the second house, that among other things, relates to personal finances. There's no Sun sign that knows the value of money and what it can provide better than a Taurus. Taurus is the money sign of the zodiac; having and managing money makes a Taurus feel vital and alive.

What Can Trip a Taurus Up Financially

A Taurus can be a dichotomy when it comes to money. Yes, they're responsible, reliable, and crave stability, but from the Taurus perspective "What's the point of having money if you can't enjoy it?"

  • They'll clip coupons for the grocery store but dine in fine restaurants and won't think twice about ordering the most expensive entrée or the finest bottle of wine.
  • They'll complain about having no money but will drive the finest car and buy the most expensive seats at stage plays, concerts, or sporting events.

A Taurus loves anything that's gold, sparkly, and most importantly, expensive. So, there's always a risk that a Taurus' champagne tastes can put a dent in their finances.

Taurus Is an Earner and a Spender

A Taurus is an earthy person who likes the security that money provides, but they also like all the good thing money can buy. They are rock solid, dependable, practical, and hard workers; plus, with their "take it easy, take it slow" nature, they can be everyone's go-to person in the workplace. This assures they will always be a stable earner and provider. They also like a plump bank account and cash on hand, and the anxiety of having to "do without" is likely to balance out any tendency to overspend.

Finding Money in Taurus' Horoscope

Every astrological house can say something about money, but the traditional money houses are the second, eighth and eleventh houses.

  • The second house, the natural house of Taurus, is the house that contains a Taurus' available money and assets.
  • The eighth house contains assets gained through their marriage and partnerships.
  • The eleventh house is personal assets gained through their career.

The House and Sign of Venus

The astrological house where Venus, ruler of Taurus, is placed is likely to be the area of a Taurus' life where they can attract money.

Putting It All Together

If you're a Taurus and want to find money in your horoscope, be warned it's technical. It requires complete birth data (date, time and location) as well as enough astrological knowledge to assess accurately the condition of Venus as well as each money house, its sign, the house and sign where the ruler resides, the aspects the ruler makes to other planets in the horoscope, and more. Yes, you're likely to need a professional astrologer to put it all together.

Taurus and Money Management