Taurus and Marriage

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
Bride and groom

Taurus men and women are not only darlings; they make wonderful husbands or wives. Sure, like the preverbal bull, they're stubborn and will snort and stomp their feet once in a while. But they are genuinely kind, patient, and gentle souls who appreciate and want nothing more than marriage, family, the acquisition of a home, and all the other accouterments of a comfortable, stable style of life.

What Can You Expect of a Taurus Mate?

No one is perfect, and when you marry a Taurus, you'll get both good and bad - the beauty and the beast. However, most often you'll get a bit of both or somewhere in between. Taurus individuals sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to marriage, primarily because they always want to have their own way, and a happy marriage takes negotiation and compromise.

At their most beautiful, they can be:

  • Genuinely kind and concerned with their mate's comfort and welfare
  • Honest, loyal, and patient
  • Romantic and sentimental
  • Faithful and committed
  • Resourceful and hard working
  • The best of parents

At their most beastly they:

  • Have a vile temper
  • Can be possessive, jealous, and controlling
  • Are overly stubborn and inflexible
  • Can be self-indulgent and self-absorbed
  • Can be lazy until they're self-motivated to do something
  • Can be materialistic, pompous, and stuff-oriented hoarders

Understanding Taurus

To better understand why you can expect these things if you marry a Taurus, it can help if you know a little about the astrological sign of Taurus. Taurus is the feminine (receptive) fixed (unmovable) Earth (practical) sign of the zodiac. It's about the human need for security, the ability to survive and thrive in the material world and enjoy all the richness and pleasures it has to offer.

Taurus is said to be the archetype of the farmer, those hard-working, hearty, enduring individuals who live on the land, prepare the soil, plant the crops, then patiently tend and watch the crops grow, and harvest the bounty.

Everyone has Taurus somewhere in their horoscope, but when you have the Sun in Taurus, it's the energy of Taurus that lights up your life and makes your world go-round. On the most basic level, a Taurus's life shines when things are pleasurable. All Taurus individuals are, in one way or another, pleasure-seeking epicureans.

However, as sensuous, artistic, pleasure-seeking, laid back, and slow moving as Taurus individuals might be, they're practical, down to earth, hardworking souls who also take pleasure in their work and understand the material realities of life. They just do everything in their own time and at their own pace.

Ferdinand, the Bull, the great 1938 Walt Disney cartoon, says a lot about Taurus. Beneath the no-nonsense exterior of a Taurus lies a sensuous individual with a sweet, sensitive, warm, and caring heart who can, if sufficiently prodded or unpleasantly surprised, become a raging bull.

The Taurus Husband

Loyal, patient, dependable, gentle, loving, and kind, a Taurus man is husband material. When he gives his heart, he gives it for keeps and will be a faithful, devoted, and dependable partner and father.

He'll want enough money in the bank to feel secure, and also enough left over to enjoy the finer things in life. So, he'll work hard to provide both himself and his family with all that defines an abundant life. A Taurus husband wants his home surroundings to be comfy and beautiful. He'll want to have plenty of good food on the table and won't mind cooking it. And oh what a romantic treat it will be for his wife to have her man cook for her.

A Taurus man wants to be head of the family, but he doesn't mind helping around the house or with the kids. So, it's not a problem for him if his partner works and has a successful career. He'll probably encourage it because the extra money will just add to the richness, pleasures, and treasures of their life together.

As a Father

Father and son sleeping on sofa

He's a gentle, patient dad who enjoys cuddling and is openly affectionate. As a father, he'll give his kids a solid set of values, teach them practical skills, provide them with a strong sense of security, and always be a steady, grounding presence in his children's lives.

He's a bit of a softie and is prone to spoiling the kids with all sorts of indulgences, but at the same time he won't stand for any nonsense and will be quick to lay down the law. However, his stubbornness and need to have control could result in arguments with his kids when they reach the rebellious teen years

The Taurus Wife

A great mixture of toughness and sweetness, the Taurus woman is a beautiful and intricate lady. She has an extra dose of femininity, embodies the idea of love, has an eye for art, an ear for music, and a taste for good food. She's self-indulgent yet deeply compassionate, loyal and faithful, and is often the glue that holds a family together.

When a man takes a Taurus woman for his wife, he should know that she has expensive tastes, appreciates quality, but is always into finding the best at the best price. Common sense is her forte, and she's incredibly grounded and stubborn. She'll take her mate's word at face value, follow through on what she says, and will seldom let them down. The Taurus wife is a woman who can be her partner's protective friend, romantic lover, and devoted wife.

As a Mother

Happy girl with her mother

A Taurus mom is 100 percent involved in her kids' lives. She's a mother who can be counted on the show up for their school concerts, ball games, plays, and anything else in which her children are involved.

She'll set firm guidelines, rules, and routines - like bedtimes, naps, and mealtime - and she's not the most flexible mother in the world. However, her children will know where they stand with her, and what they can and can not do. Her consistency and steady, grounded no-nonsense character will give her children a sense of security, and her unconditional love provides a perfect foundation for them to grow up happy, nurtured, and confident.

Like the Taurus father, she's affectionate and also protective, and must take care that her protectiveness doesn't become overly controlling.

Romance and the Joy of Sex

So how does a pleasure-seeking but practical Taurus man or woman handle romance and sex? The answer is, with an artistic flair. When it comes to sex and romance, a Taurus mate is at their epicurean best.


A Taurus individual is all about the traditional trappings of romance - scented candles, soft music, wining and dining - and that doesn't change after marriage. These are people who are not only romantically inclined, they are also sentimental and won't forget important dates, like the day they first met you, slept with you for the first time, and the day they married you. On these special days, they will be incredibly romantic and can be generous to a fault. Taurus mates want their partners to know that they love, adore, and are committed to them and are all about showing, telling, and giving when it comes to the one they love.

The Joy of Sex

Man and woman in Jacuzzi

Sexually, both male and female Taurus tend to be hedonistic. Both have great stamina and are into giving and receiving physical pleasure. These sensual individuals live to have their bodies pleasurably stimulated and in the bedroom, that's an obvious plus. They want the full spectrum when it comes to sex. A Taurus is connected deeply to their senses; sex isn't just sex for them, its music and scented candles, and slow decadent extended foreplay.

Over Coming Problems in the Marriage

Likely the worst trait of a Taurus and the one that lends itself to all their other beastly behaviors is they are unbelievably stubborn and inflexible. When it comes trying to change their minds about something or change their behavior, the more a spouse pushes, the more resistant and angry they're apt to become. This is when a Taurus mate is prone to go into a rage, distance themselves, and refuse to listen or interact with their spouse.

In a marriage, this can be disturbing until the partner learns how to deal with it. So, if you're married to a Taurus it's best to remember; you're not going to change them unless you know how to deal with them.

  • Pause to calm yourself down.
  • Examine your interests and prioritize what's the most important to you.
  • Never come on too strong.
  • Don't ever tell them they're stubborn or that they're wrong, and don't argue.
  • Tell them calmly, face to face and heart to heart, why something is important to you
  • Listen carefully to them and try to find common ground
  • Never demand that they change, go slow, and give them time to ponder.
  • They're not likely to change their mind or behavior all at once, or quickly, so be patient.

Most importantly, remember that "love conquers all" with a Taurus and you'll have to give to get.

What a Taurus Needs in a Mate

Beyond the aesthetics of the marriage, a Taurus needs a life's mate who is a stable, calm, patient, and highly imaginative and sympathetic.

They want a partner who:

  • Values home and family
  • Enjoys working towards financial security
  • Is a passionate, romantic, caring, and loyal individual
  • Is committed to the relationship and will be faithful and loyal
  • Tends to be quiet, reserved, and sentimental
  • Bolsters their self-confidence
  • Is flexible enough to let them have their own way
  • Is patient enough to allow them to do things at their own slow pace
  • Can accept that there will times when they will be beastly

The Astrology of Marriage

All of the above will be noted if you marry a Taurus. However, an individual is much more than their Sun sign. Other placements in their horoscope can mitigate or exaggerate everything written. Plus, if you're married to a Taurus, the synastry between your two charts can also reduce or amplify their natural tendencies. Additionally, there's the composite chart and the wedding day chart that holds some sway. If you're serious about knowing what it will be like to be married to a specific Taurus, it's best to make an appointment with a professional astrologer who specializes in relationships.

Taurus and Marriage