The Taurus Child: Personality and Behavior

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A Taurus child has specific personality traits of their earth sign and behavior patterns indicative of their sun sign. You can expect your Taurus child to have a stubborn streak, but also a calm emotional nature.

Taurus Child Personality Traits Affect Parenting Choices

You may need to modify some of your parenting methods to accommodate a Taurus child. You may discover the best approach is to provide your child with a structured lifestyle.

Earth Sign and Structured Lifestyle

A Taurus child is an earth sign. This means the bull is happiest in a home with a routine he can depend on.

Taurus Baby Happily Adjusts to Routines

Your Taurus baby needs to know what to expect next and will quickly conform to routine. Falling into a routine that isn't interrupted provides your baby with a sense of security.

Feeling Safe and Protected

A Taurus baby feels protected and safe when he knows what will happen next in a succession of activities, such as bathe, feed, change diaper, and sleep. This cyclical pattern is what Taurus needs even beyond infancy to ensure he is well adjusted.

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Aversion to Change

Your Taurus child has a natural aversion to change. Unlike air signs that thrive on change, this earth sign simply doesn't like to move or to shake things up. In fact, when forced to make changes, Taurus rumbles like an earthquake in displeasure.

Avoid Surprises That Threaten Routines

It's usually impossible to avoid surprises that interfere with a normal day/night of routines. If you must make changes, it's best to prepare your Taurus child with as much advanced notice as possible. This allows your child to adjust expectations and will lessen the insecurity change brings to your little bull.

A Taurus Child Reacts Differently Than Other Earth Signs

A Taurus child doesn't have some of the same tendencies their earth sign cousins do. They aren't perfectionists like Virgo or as practical as Capricorn. Taurus kids tend to charge ahead to appease their desires and rarely consider the consequences of their actions.

Taurus Child Throws Caution to the Wind

A Taurus child's lack of caution can create problems. They are often driven by their desires and will follow through even if they realize it is an ill-conceived action. You can thank their stubborn streak that is often tied directly to their ego.

Difficult to Admit Mistakes

When a Taurus child realizes their plan of action isn't wise, they rarely abandon their plans. It is simply too difficult for them to admit they've made a mistake. As the parent, you can attempt to teach Taurus to look before charging in.

Pattern of Stubbornness

You will discover that stubbornness for Taurus is impossible to circumvent. They don't back down for several reasons, but it is a matter of pride most of the time. Taurus hates to be wrong and feels she/he must carry on once committed, regardless of the consequences.

Stubbornness Is Often Ego Driven

Taurus will do almost anything to avoid that blow to their ego. You can help your bull understand that admitting a mistake doesn't diminish their self-worth but shows a level of maturity. The latter will appeal to their ego and stroke their need to be appreciated.

Emotional Maturity at Early Age

Taurus isn't an emotional sun sign. A Taurus child has a certain decorum that doesn't falter under emotional responses. Taurus weighs situations from a place of practicality instead of emotions.

Taurus Is a Natural Leader

A Taurus child is a natural leader. Other kids look up to the bull and often allow him to lead the herd. You can impress upon your child the responsibility a leader has to those who follow them. This ability often finds your Taurus child the captain of a sports team or voted class president.

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Sports and School Activities

Taurus loves sports and is very athletic. Sports provides Taurus a way to connect to the world around them and other kids. You can encourage your little bull by attending their games and sports events. Parents can further bond with their Taurus child by attending professional sports together as a family.

Taurus and Family Ties

Taurus has a deep passion for their family. They understand the continuity that family gives to their lives. They are especially interested in family history and often retell stories of family members to their siblings and children.

Creative Nature and Talents

Your Taurus child will exhibit their creativity very early. They make great artists and love music. They are attracted to rhythms and patterns in both mediums. They can personify the connection they have with the Earth and nature through art and music.

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Appreciation for Creature Comforts

A Taurus child has expensive taste. As if they have a sixth sense, Taurus children understand the pleasure of aesthetics. They are tactile and love to touch objects. You may find them running their hands over the chenille recliner, openly enjoying the softness of the fabric.

Family Field Trips and Other Outings

You can provide various experiences for your Taurus child to appease their tactile tendencies with field trips and various outings where they can touch things, like an aquarium touch pool, a petting zoo and adventure hikes in the woods.

Behavior of a Taurus Child and Other Personality Traits

A Taurus child may present a few challenges, but overall is an easy child to raise. A parent of a Taurus child can better understand their child's needs by examining the common personality traits of this zodiac sign.

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The Taurus Child: Personality and Behavior