Real-Life Tips on Dating a Virgo Man

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You can use real-life tips to decide the best way for dating a Virgo man. When you know some of Virgo's idiosyncrasies upfront, you'll be prepared for that first date and beyond.

Advice for When You First Start Dating a Virgo Man

The first thing you'll notice about a Virgo man's personality is his excellent taste in clothing and his squeaky-clean appearance. A Virgo man takes great pride in his appearance and is almost obsessive about his hygiene. Make sure your makeup, hair, nails, and clothes are perfect.

Dating a Virgo Man Requires Experience in Social Mores

A Virgo man is polite and adheres to social mores. He practices good etiquette. You'll never find a Virgo man forgetting his manners, even if modern society views them as archaic. He understands the nuances of polite society and how they serve to keep life adhesive. Follow the rules of good etiquette so your Virgo man immediately appreciates your good graces.

Answer His Questions to Help Him Understand You

A Virgo man will make certain your first date is enjoyable and memorable. He will question you prior to your date about your preferences, probably via text to ensure he plans your ideal outing. He's all about planning, so when he asks your opinions about venues, foods, and other things, make sure you tell him how you feel.

Practice Patience With His Need for Perfection

Virgo seeks perfection in everything. He pays close attention to everything around him, even the tiniest of details. He finds comfort in order and believes chaos is destructive to his personal progress. You'll need a boatload of patience with this personality trait, but it can be worth the effort since he possesses other endearing qualities.

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Understand That Dating a Virgo Man Is Difficult for Some Women

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any love interest is overlooking Virgo's tendency to be critical. He won't mince words when it comes to your appearance, your choices, your career, and anything else he assesses and finds lacking. If you understand his need for perfection, you'll quickly recognize the reason he points out that blue would be a better color for your purse than the brown one you carry. If you're still with him after all this, then you can simply agree with him and not make a big deal out of it.

Appeal to His Logical Mind

You can always point out that you prefer the brown purse. Of course, if you feel it's worth taking the time, you can explain to him why you choose the brown purse. Virgo is ruled by his mental abilities and possesses a keen logical mind. You may discover that appealing to this side of his personality, it's easier to get along with him and bypass the negative impact of his criticism.

Understand He Needs His Life Organized

You won't ever find Virgo's closets disorganized and cluttered. His kitchen cabinets and drawers are never overflowing. Instead, he's taken the time to arrange closets and kitchen cabinets with his own system of order. He carries this neat-freak attribute into every area of his life. You won't ever find dirty dishes piled up in the sink or dust balls underneath furniture.

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Meet Some of Virgo's Expectations of a Mate

If you don't color code your clothing in the closet or arrange your canned goods in alphabetical order, then you may meet his disapproval. At the very least, make sure your home is spotless and tidy before you invite him over.

Be Honest With Your Virgo Man

This man cherishes honesty and believes a relationship is built on trust. He embraces these virtues and views them as having withstood the test of time. He wants a mate who has the same values as he does. If you don't believe in these social mores, then you should be honest and let him know at the beginning. These are deal breakers for a Virgo man.

You May Need to Make the First Move

A Virgo man will most likely be your friend first and lover second. He isn't as adept in dating as fire or air signs. As an earth sign, he takes his time. He may need a nudge to ask you out on a date. You may need to make the first move but allow him to take control of the details for your date, since this his forte as a meticulous planner.

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Understanding the Signs When a Virgo Man Is Interested in You

There are certain signs that tell you a Virgo man is interested in you, such as asking questions about your life and career. He will demonstrate a genuine interest in you as a person. He wants to know what you like, your view of life and what you feel is your life purpose. He's a thinker and will appreciate it when you share your inner thoughts with him.

Telltale Signs of a Virgo Man in Love With You

A Virgo man makes a good attentive lover. You won't have any doubt that he's in love with you when your relationship turns sexual. Sex is the way this earth sign expresses his love since he doesn't use many words or openly express his feelings.

Tell Him How to Please You

He is always concerned about pleasing you. He'll ask what you need and will be eager to fulfill all your desires. Be considerate of his feelings when letting him know what you need from him as a lover and partner.

Learn to See Past His Critical Nature

Virgo has integrity and won't knowingly ever take advantage or lead you on. He may not adequately express his feelings if your relationship is on rocky ground. He'll expect you to understand. It's up to you to find out what is going on inside him. Carefully form your questions to get to the root of his discontent.

Valuable Tips to Guide You in Dating a Virgo Man

Once you make the transition from friend to lovers, you'll find Virgo expresses his long-hidden emotions. This rush of feelings will eventually mellow into a comfortable relationship that can last a lifetime with the right partner.

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Real-Life Tips on Dating a Virgo Man