Pros and Cons of a Capricorn’s Stubborn Side

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The pros and cons of a Capricorn often focus on the zodiac sign's stubborn side. Capricorn's streak of determination is often misunderstood and characterized as simply being stubborn.

Capricorn's Stubborn Attitude and Personality

There is always a positive and negative side to any zodiac sign and Capricorn definitely has both. For Capricorn, what may be a positive stubborn side can transform into a negative, stubborn side. The line that separates the pros and cons of a Capricorn's stubborn side is formed by positive attributes being taken to the extreme.

Pros of a Capricorn's Stubborn Side

Capricorn has a wealth of positive attributes, including a focused ambition. The sea goat is very resourceful and ambitious. Capricorn is always planning the best way to achieve their goals.

Home and Family

Stubborn determination gives Capricorn an undying sense of obligation and responsibility to their family. Home is where the heart is, but it's family that Capricorn cherishes above all else. Capricorn has an innate need to provide for their loved ones and will do whatever is necessary to see that they have what they need, including protecting them in any way needed.

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Hardworking Capricorn Is a Great Provider

Capricorn's stubborn side ensures the sea goat never fails to reach all their goals. This streak drives Capricorn to be a hard worker who is a great provider for their family.

Career Ambition

Capricorn has a very stringent and professional work ethic. Their career goal is to find better methods and be efficient with their time and resources. Capricorn understands it's always about who you know and ingratiates themselves with those on the upper corporate ladder rungs.

Capricorn Knows Everyone

Capricorn is considered connected and in-the-know at work and within the community. It's as though the sea goat has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing who is doing what and who to contact when you need something done. There's no need for an internet search engine to find the best local carpenter or best caterer in town when Capricorn is around.

Sophisticated and Professional

Capricorn isn't flashy but is definitely a class act in both appearance and attitude. The Capricorn charm can easily disarm any would-be foe. With an understated sophistication, Capricorn always presents a professional and cultivated persona, even when involved in casual non-business situations.

Fiercely Loyal and Helpful

Capricorn is driven with a similar need to be helpful to others and is very caring and compassionate of others. Capricorn is the one working in the soup kitchen every Saturday and volunteers to deliver meals to shut-ins. With many friends and a supportive family, Capricorn is appreciated for having a big heart and caring for others.

Cons of Capricorn's Stubborn Side

Capricorn is an earth sign and is all about societal status and reputation. When taken too far, this personality trait can reveal a darker, more negative stubborn side of Capricorn.

Rise to Power and Status

To realize the ambition to rise in social standing, it may be necessary for Capricorn to step on a few toes or even step over a few people. If Capricorn can't keep their ambition in check, this path will transform Capricorn into a very selfish version of the sea goat.

Disloyalty Means an Unforgiving Capricorn

Capricorn expects family and friends to be loyal. When betrayed, Capricorn reveals a stubborn side that is weighed down with deep-seated resentment. Forget about being forgiven, since Capricorn doesn't dole out forgiveness easily. If the issue somehow detracts from Capricorn's social standing and reputation, Capricorn won't forgive you, even after you die.

Capricorn's Frugal Side

Capricorn is good with money and knows how to manage it, so their family has what they need, but not in excess. This attribute can easily be taken to the extreme in Capricorn's desire for financial stability.

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Capricorn Prefers Risk-Free Financial Control

Capricorn will never risk the security that money provides. The sea goat's hold on the purse strings can create friction within a marriage or family.

Control Freak on Steroids

In a very negative stubborn streak gone wild, Capricorn can turn into a control freak when it comes to finances. In such instances, if you don't follow Capricorn's idea of financial health and the money rules used to run a household, you'll quickly feel Capricorn's wrath.

Overly Critical

Capricorn has an overly critical eye for detail, work ethic and ambition. When any of these areas of desire become too intense with this critical eye focusing on you and everything you do, it can become impossible to live with or work with Capricorn.

Why Are Capricorns So Hard to Read?

Capricorn's personality and attitude about life and work can be contradictory. Too much of one aspect or too little can create an inconsistent persona that is difficult to read. It helps to spend time with Capricorn to gain a better understanding of how stubbornness can affect specific traits.

Examining the Pros and Cons Often Found in Capricorn's Stubborn Side

A Capricorn attitude can transform a personality trait into a negative one when taken to an extreme. However, when Capricorn maintains a moderate level of energy, these same attributes can be endearing.

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Pros and Cons of a Capricorn’s Stubborn Side