Neptune in Pisces: Unlimited Connection & Compassion

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune takes about 165 years to circle the entire zodiac and spends approximately 14 years in each zodiacal sign. This means an entire generation will have Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is currently in Pisces, and astrologers believe that this generation will be imaginative out-of-the-box thinkers whose life experiences will lead them to a deep understanding of the oneness of all.

Neptune and Pisces

Neptune is the planet of unity and unconditional love for all. Neptune transcends reality, connects with the divine, and blurs boundaries. But Neptune can also be neurotic due to its lesser-known associations with war and catastrophe. Pisces, the mutable water sign, is the mystic, dreamer, and visionary zodiac sign. Pisces sees beyond the illusion of external appearances and sees things others can't. Neptune rules Pisces, is strong in Pisces, and will be a significant player in this generation's lives.

Neptune in Pisces Dates

Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 and will stay until January 2026. The last time Neptune transited Pisces was from April 1847 through February 1862. A Look back at Neptune in Pisces' history reveals that when Neptune moves into Pisces, it ushers in a period of revolutionary changes, ideological wars, and serious existential crises.

The Neptune in Pisces Generation

The oldest of the Neptune in Pisces generation, called the Alpha generation by sociologists, are not yet teenagers. A child with Neptune in Pisces is extremely sensitive to everything that surrounds them, and the life's experiences listed below are being imprinted, in one way or another, on the soul and psyche of each young person born into this generation.

  • These kids are immersed in the magic of technology from birth, and this immersion is blurring the lines between home, study, and entertainment, as well as fantasy and reality.
  • In films, media, and everyday life they also see the blurring of racial, sexual, and gender boundaries.
  • The importance of human contact is blurred by AI toys that the kids can talk and interact with, such as Congi Toys dinosaur bot, Apple's teddy bear Parker, and others.
  • Due to a worldwide pandemic, they've been quarantined, isolated, remotely schooled, and separated from friends.
  • They're also feeling an extreme polarization of values, beliefs, and ideologies.
girl student with teacher

Underlying Traits of Children With Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces gifts these children with a fantastic ability to tap into the power of their dreams and imagination. They can skip along the boundary that separates fantasy and reality and have an immense ability to bring their dreams into reality. However, they also have the capacity for both positive and negative imaginations. Which means parents should take care that these kids don't get lost in their heads and experience ongoing fears and worries.

Underlying traits these children have in common:

  • Emotional
  • Imaginative
  • Compassionate
  • Self-sacrificial
  • Intuitive
  • Abstract
  • Sensitive
  • Spiritual

Neptune in Pisces Children at Their Best

At their best, these kids are imaginative, entrepreneurial, tolerant, compassionate, idealistic, and spiritually attuned children who don't see boundaries, borders, or divisions and have faith that if they can imagine a better world, they can create a better world.

Examples of Neptune in Pisces Kids

Some of these imaginative and enterprising kids are already becoming social influencers. For example, Instagram's young fashionista Laerta, the boy on YouTube's Ryan ToysReview, or the two young girls, Charli and Ashlee, of Charli's Crafty Kitchen.

Personalizing Neptune in Pisces

To personalize your child's Neptune in Pisces, you'll need a birth chart calculated by date, time, and place of their birth. Then find the house with Pisces on the cusp. This is the area of life where your child is likely to feel lost and alone, but also where they can be inspired to connect with the divine and become the most imaginative, self-sacrificing, and enterprising as adults. The aspects other planets make to Neptune will reveal how easy or difficult it will be for the child to explore their higher vision and connect with the divine.

First House

These children will have a mystical or spiritual approach to life and will be seen as accepting of everyone and everything.

Second House

These children are often selfless and willingly give anything they possess to others.

Third House

These kids are poetic and divinely inspired to use their imagination and intuition to communicate with others through empathetic writing and speaking.

Fourth House

These children will connect with the divine by sacrificing for home and family.

Fifth House

These kids connect with the divine through creatively express themselves and giving their imaginations and dreams artistic form.

Sixth House

These kids quickly adapt to others' needs and find the divine in service to others.

Seventh House

These children will find the divine in being loving and empathetic friends.

Eighth House

These children will find the divine in the darker aspects of life and in making sacrifices for others.

Ninth House

These kids will seek knowledge and find the divine in exploring the world and pursuing wisdom.

Tenth House

These children will connect with the divine by being spiritual role models who are looked up to.

Eleventh House

These kids can be spiritual guides who connect with the divine by communing with and inspiring each member of their group to embrace their higher purpose.

Twelfth House

These kids will have the strongest connection to the divine. They can be a shining beacon to others who are willing to sacrifice for their belief in humanity's interconnectedness.

When the World Comes Together as One

The song, We Are the World, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, could be the anthem for the Neptune in Pisces generation. Heaven's mandate to the children now being born with Neptune in Pisces is to wash away boundaries and enable the world to come together as one.

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