Nature of Virgo Earth Element

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The nature of Virgo is greatly influenced by the ruling earth element. Specific personality traits, emotions, health issues, and compatibility with other zodiac signs are greatly controlled by earth energies.

Earth Element Influence Over Virgo Personality

Virgo is grounded in the energies of logic and practicality. These characteristics reveal very important mandates in Virgo's life and guide the best approach to problems, challenges and unexpected situations.

Rule of Nature

The earth energies imbue Virgo with the same rules and system that govern nature. This structure keeps the cycle of life in order and Virgo finds comfort in this constant. In fact, Virgo strives to emulate this same practice in their lives, thirsting for order, balance and perfection.

Perfection Is the Goal

Virgo always has one main goal, perfect whatever is undertaken. This goal is applied to everything Virgo does. It can be a major project or something as simple as cleaning a room. Virgo approaches life as though it were a classroom where skills and knowledge can be gained and improved upon.

Responsible and Dependable

As an earth element sign, Virgo has an innate sense of responsibility. This self-directive includes being someone that others can depend and rely upon. This can be in the role of a spouse, sibling, parent, or even as a child to a parent. Virgo always feels a sense of obligation and duty to family and friends.

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Virgo Is Not a Risk Taker

The earth element prevents Virgo from being a risk taker. In fact, Virgo often refuses to undertake anything that isn't a sure thing. The fear of failure is the outward reason why Virgo doesn't take risks. However, that fear is not about failure, but that the result will be imperfect. And, Virgo cannot tolerate doing anything imperfectly.

Sensuality and Earth Element Influences

Like Virgo's cousin, Taurus, this earth element sign is a sensual and appreciates quality material things. Unlike Taurus, Virgo isn't focused on money and wealth, so much as comfort and stability. Virgo wants a home that is perfectly appointed and always clean, orderly and organized.

Earth Element and Chaos

The earth element always seeks balance. Chaos or unrest is very disturbing to the Virgo earth element. In fact, Virgo avoids conflicts since discord of any kind is like an earthquake to the Virgo psyche.

Virgo and Earth Element Health

Virgo rules the sixth house that oversees health of physical being. It's the house where methodical thinking and logic are needed. Virgo is conscious of protecting her/his health and practices good hygiene.

Virgo Health Concerns and Emotions

One physical area of concern for Virgo is the digestive tract, specifically the bowel and intestines. Virgos are prone to upset stomachs. The earth element turns the emotions inward and downward, so the digestive system becomes a way to clear out emotional upsets.

Most Vulnerable Organs

The organs often affected are the pancreas and the thyroid gland. Virgos tend to be health conscious, especially with their diet, so they have a strong immune system and are rarely sick.

Virgo Earth Element and Compatible Zodiac Signs

There are several excellent matches for Virgo based on the elements that govern the other zodiac signs. Virgo can find a mate in another Virgo if they can tolerate each other's need for perfection. This match may be destined to be short-lived.

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Virgo and Other Earth Element Signs

Capricorn or Taurus can make a good earth element match. Virgo has a deep appreciation for the bull's reluctance to jump into something before weighing all sides of the situation. Virgo will adore Capricorn's practical nature of preferring to put money in a savings account instead of spending it on an extravagant vacation.

Virgo and Water Element Zodiac Signs

When Virgo meets a water sign, it can be love at first sight. Pisces, Scorpion, and Cancer all need the security of a home and place that is safe. Virgo shares this need. The water element will nourish the earth element and the earth element will protect and give water form. The two elements have a kind of symbiont relationship.

Virgo Incompatible Element Signs

Virgo earth element isn't very compatible with fire or air signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, fire signs move too quickly and recklessly for an earth element, often burning bridges and taking big risks. Air signs stir up too much dust for Virgo. Earth element signs are often left rubbing their eyes wondering what just happened and where the Gemini, Aquarius or Libra went.

Balance of Nature for Virgo Earth Element

The Virgo earth element is constantly seeking a way to improve and perfect. Within this struggle to achieve the ultimate order, Virgo's biggest challenge is to find a balance in life.

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Nature of Virgo Earth Element