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Making Scorpio Season Work for You

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Making Scorpio season enjoyable and work for you is easy when you consider the attributes and energies of this water sign. You don't necessarily need to feel the Scorpion's stinger during the Scorpio season.

Making Scorpio Season Work for You With Little Effort

The Scorpio season is here from October 23 to November 21. The fun and spooky holiday of Halloween appropriately falls within this season. The Scorpio season can often feel like Scorpions are lurking in the shadows, ready to strike when you least expect it.

Attributes of Scorpio Season

You can expect the Scorpio season to be emotionally intense with this water element zodiac sign in charge. The inward journey started with the Cancer season. Scorpio wants you to dig just a little deeper to get to any areas you didn't purge during the summer solstice.

Passionate Emotions

Unlike the deeply moody emotions of the Cancer season, Scorpio season highlights your passionate emotional nature. In fact, whatever you're passionate about, expect your feelings to intensify during this season.

Personal Connections and Relationships

The passionate emotional nature of your relationships are center stage during the Scorpio season. You'll find yourself desiring a more intimate and sensual connection with your beloved. That heat you're feeling is courtesy of the Scorpio's stinging nature.

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Soul-Searching Culmination

In the Cancer season, you delved into your spiritual nature. The Scorpio season demands that exploration continue until you learn to establish a bond between your outer and inner worlds. This bridging of the spiritual realm into your every day life will greatly enrich your life experience.

How to Survive Scorpio Season

One of the things that Scorpio season brings to each zodiac sign is a mirror that reflects all the good, bad and ugly emotions. There is no hiding from the powerful effects of the Scorpio season. You will be forced to gaze into the abyss of your darker nature. You can make this work for you by diving in.

Best to Face and Embrace the Darkness

It's best to hold your nose and jump into the dark waters. You might not like what you find in the watery depths, but once you bring it to the surface, you can examine it and then deal with whatever emotion(s) you discover.

Coping Methods for Scorpio Season

The Scorpio season brings a mix of intense emotions that are either good or bad with much in between. You can take some steps to process what you're feeling by channeling these emotions into art projects, journaling, blogging, or discussing with those your emotions are centered around.

Melding the Physical and Mental

Other ways you can cope with the intensity of Scorpio is by using a physical and mental exercise combination. For example, yoga and various martial arts require mental and physical cooperation that offer outstanding benefits for calming intense emotions.

Making Personal Time

You may find that being by yourself is a great way to cope with the Scorpio season. Retreating in solitude can also prevent you expressing volatile emotions that could do irreparable damage to a relationship.

Time to Assess and Regroup

When you're by yourself, you can't run away from your emotions. This provides you the opportunity for self-reflection and assessment. You can simply take a time out and retreat from Scorpio's constant stinging.

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Separate the Chaff From the Wheat

One way to look at Scorpio season is the Biblical tale of separating the chaff from the wheat. This thrashing process can be applied to your emotional inventory to separate feelings of confusion that cloud situations and relationships.

Ending Painful Relationships and Situations

If you have emotional connections that are problematic with no resolution, it's time to bring them to an end. It's best for all parties, to cut the ties and allow each other to seek out a more compatible friend or lover. This analogy can also be applied to other areas of your life, such as your current job or living arrangements/conditions.

Defining Who You Are

Scorpio season forces you to assess all your emotional facets, especially the unpleasant ones. At the end of the Scorpio season, you'll have a clear understanding of yourself.

Taking Positive Steps

A positive expression of Scorpio season is admitting emotions you might have hidden from yourself, such as an attraction to someone. You may have a project you've put on the back burner and never felt you could indulge in it. Scorpio season emboldens you to go after you true passions.

Zodiac Signs' Reactions to Scorpio Season

Some signs might find Scorpio season more challenging than other signs based on their moon sign and planet placement in their natal chart. Many zodiac signs don't find Scorpio season an easy process of passionate and intense emotions.

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Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

Fellow water element zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer can swim through the fiery passions Scorpio season brings them. In fact, any emotional floods or passionate emotions aren't new to these water signs and they're equipped to handle them with finesse since they're right at home.

Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn

The earth element zodiac signs may find Scorpio season to be out of their depth. The earth signs are used to containing their emotions and not delving too deeply into them. When forced to take emotional stock, earth signs will stall and try to avoid the unpleasantness of peering into emotional depths.

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra

The air element zodiac signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Libra aren't necessarily happy about the passionate emotions dredged up by the Scorpio season. Some of the fun passions that lead to romance or exciting new experiences will make the air signs happy, but having to delve too deeply as Scorpio requires will weight down the air signs too much.

Aries, Sagittarius and Leo

The fire element signs may find exploring some of the passionate emotions of the Scorpio season engaging if they are related to a love interest or a business start-up project. However, like the air signs, emotions that are too heavy and deep aren't going to be endearing to the fire signs who have little patience for anything that dampens their freedom and movement.

Put Scoprio Season to Work

Each zodiac has ways to make the Scorpio season work for you. These are important steps in preparation for the next season that Sagittarius brings with its fire element.

Making Scorpio Season Work for You