Insight Into a Virgo Woman’s Traits and Personality

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The color white is often associated with the sign of Virgo. Virgo's glyph is said to symbolize a shy maiden crossing her legs. A Virgo woman is typically known for her shyness, purity and innocence. Still, she's more complicated, resourceful, helpful, playful, Mercurial, and sexy than is implied by the color white and her symbol.

Traits of a Virgo Woman

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign that's ruled by Mercury, the quicksilver planet of communication and commerce. This means a Virgo woman in a thinker who is grounded in the physical world, is self-directed and has great inner strength. A Virgo woman's Sun shines when she seeks perfection of body, mind, and soul. It's her Sun's need to create a perfect world that leads to the 30 traits listed below.

1. She Has an Analytical Eye

A Virgo woman needs to know every possible aspect of everything she encounters, precisely what her options are and the potential outcome before determining how to proceed.

2. She Likes Regularity and Routine

A Virgo woman values the order she gains in her life by cultivating regularity and routine. Her daily routines and habits allow her to organize her time with specific patterns of activity that will enable her to get everything done.

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3. She's a Planner

A Virgo woman is an effective time manager. She has to-do lists, keeps track of all she's accomplished, and usually has her entire day planned and scheduled in advance and seldom allows anything to disrupt her schedule.

4. She's Organized

A Virgo woman organizes her space. Be it her desk, her home, or her closet, she has a place for everything, and everything is always where it belongs. She abhors dealing with the chaos of disorder, especially if that disorder could've been prevented.

5. She's Health Conscious

A Virgo woman is health conscious. She avoids filth, dirt and germs, keeps everything clean, follows a strict health regimen, and is very diligent when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

6. She's Deeply Introspective

A Virgo woman is profoundly introspective. She compulsively seeks a private space and time alone for self-exploration and reflection.

7. She's Feminine and Classy

Appearance is important to a Virgo woman. She's a feminine, classy, put-together lady who knows how to dress to impress while still being understated and natural.

8. She's Practical and Hard Working

A Virgo woman is a practical person who can prioritize her work and is confident in her ability to make rational decisions. She knows what she's doing and it's important to her that what she's doing is sensible, useful, and helpful.

9. She's Dedicated

A Virgo woman is devoted to whatever she takes on, be it a job, relationship, marriage, children, etc. She makes commitments, sets goals, plans, then works tirelessly to make everything perfect.

10. She's Detail Oriented

All the tiny details are important to a Virgo woman. She's a stickler for minor errors and always asks critical questions. She looks at everything with a discerning and critical eye and can see patterns others might miss.

11. She's Modest

A Virgo woman can be unassuming or moderate in the estimation of her abilities or achievements. She is uncomfortable with praise and being the center of attention.

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12. She's Generous

A Virgo woman is a generous woman who's friendly, helpful, and willing to see the best in someone or something. She's a sacrificial woman who's always ready to go beyond what's expected and give to others.

13. She's Sensitive

A Virgo woman is more aware of subtleties. She's a Mercury-ruled lady who's analytical and processes information deeply. This means she tends to be insightful and empathetic, but also prone to stress and overwhelm.

14. She's Reliable

A Virgo woman keeps her promises and forges deep relationships. She's a woman you can depend on to behave well, work hard, and do what she says she will do.

15. She Manages Her Time Well

A Virgo woman can effectively manage her time. She has to-do lists and keeps track of all she's accomplished.

16. She's Tolerant

A Virgo woman is a peaceful person who accepts the different ideals and beliefs of others. She can calmly handle complaints and anger and has the ability to keep going despite difficulties.

17. She's Honest

A Virgo woman isn't concerned with what others think. She stands up for her beliefs, is not afraid to speak her mind, but doesn't go looking for fights.

18. She's Curious

A Virgo woman is highly curious, observant and intrigued by everything. If she sees something unique and different, she wants to learn everything she can about it.

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19. She's Rational and Logical

A Virgo woman is rational and has a methodical nature that allows her to see all sides of a problem and find a perfect solution.

20. She's Independent

A Virgo woman always wants to do her own thing and is incredibly capable. She believes that if she wants it done right, she will have to it herself and hesitates to ask for help, even when she needs it.

21. She Has Sex Appeal

A Virgo woman has her own sort of subtle sex appeal. There's something about a Virgo woman's charm, shy femininity and earthy nature, as well as her seeming innocence that makes her naturally sexy and alluring.

22. She's a Loyal Mate

It may take a while for a Virgo woman to open up to you, but once she does, she'll be completely committed to you. She'll be loyal and trustworthy, love you fully, and devote herself to the relationship.

23. She's Helpful

A Virgo woman is helpful to others and strives to make everyone's life better and easier. She's always quick to give assistance, even if she's not asked, but if her efforts go unnoticed, she'll feel hurt as well.

24. She's Knowledgeable and Factual

A Virgo woman has a wealth of knowledge and facts about many topics, and she enjoys sharing all she knows with others.

25. She's Wise

Due to her analytical mind, her observant nature, and willingness to take enough time to see the big picture a Virgo woman is a wise, sensitive, and generous woman who's a wonderful person to go for advice.

26. She's Cheerful and Witty

A Virgo woman may seem quiet and reserved, but she's Mercury ruled which means she's not only analytical and intelligent, but can also be surprisingly cheerful and quick-witted.

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27. She's Self-Critical

A Virgo woman is quick to criticize and beat up on herself if any little thing goes wrong and can feel extremely bad about a mistake for a very long time. On the other hand, she doesn't take or accept criticism from others very well.

28. She's Critical of Others

A Virgo woman can be a fussy nitpicker who notices small problems in others and correct them. But, she's prone to get preachy and naggy in her efforts to correct the faults of others.

29. She's Easily Agitated

A Virgo woman can become agitated and nervous if she's unsure of a situation, her life becomes chaotic, or she has nothing to complete, analyze and plan for.

30. She's a Worrier

A Virgo woman worries about everything. She continually asks herself questions such as: "Did I do that right?" or "Was that the correct answer?" etc. She doubts herself and works hard to relieve her worry by striving for perfection in everything she does. However, she also has an active imagination, often pictures the worst outcome and still worries.

Famous Virgo Women

Beyoncé, Melissa McCarthy, Cameron Diaz, and Taraji P. Henson are all famous and successful Virgo women. While on the surface, they all seem quite different, they are all charming, witty, and realistic perfectionists who have an eye for detail, work hard and are disciplined and competent at their craft.

Finding the Divine in Small Details

A Virgo woman's attention to detail and her need for perfection can sometime go a bit over the top. However, there's a reason behind her behavior. A Virgo woman was born to serve, do impeccable work and prioritize the well-being of herself and those she loves. She's a woman who desires to bring heaven to earth and she finds divine perfection in the small details of life.

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Insight Into a Virgo Woman’s Traits and Personality