Insight Into Taurus Earth Element

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The earth element for the Taurus zodiac sign provides insight into the bull's motivations. This perspective can range from personality traits to love interests.

Zodiac's Insight Into Taurus Earth Element

The earth element grounds the bull and provides a framework of the type of stability, Taurus seeks in life. As an earth element, Taurus is at home with the physical side of life. This includes nature and personal physical strength and abilities.

Taurus Has Impatient Personality Traits

However, earth energies imbue Taurus with great stamina and drive. However, the Taurus personality doesn't have much patience for anyone who can't keep up. The bull will easily leave stragglers and the less accomplished in the dust.

A Leader, Not a Follower

The earth element makes Taurus feel like the ruler over all surroundings. Taurus assumes the role of leader of the herd. Should anyone challenge the bull, take note that Taurus enjoys competition and winning.

Life Is Good

Taurus enjoys the sensual pleasures of life, especially material luxuries. Taurus is impressed with wealth and those who have attained it. The bull seeks wealth and strives to accumulate it.

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Safety and Security

For Taurus, wealth and the things it can buy are aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, wealth and the material things in life symbolize stability for the bull. Stability translates into safety and a comfort lifestyle, two things Taurus cares about the most.

Taurus Hates Changes and Risks

The powerful earth element governing Taurus makes the bull very resistant to change. In fact, the bull doesn't like change at all! When it comes to risk, Taurus will only take it once she/he has fully examined all possible outcomes and assessed the type of return the risk may provide. There will need to be some kind of guarantee of success before the bull will embark on any kind of chance.

Earth Element Influences Over Taurus

As a powerful leader, Taurus may appear removed from the daily concerns most people struggle to overcome. The earth element brings determination and energy to Taurus. This element imbues creative ideas on how to get all the things out of life the bull believes are owed to her/him.

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Taurus Work Ethic

The bull isn't going to waste valuable time and energy to achieve their goals. The motto, "Work smart, play hard," was no doubt coined by a Taurus. While Taurus is a hard worker, life is meant to be enjoyed and lived. You won't find Taurus sacrificing fun or denying herself/himself the fruits of labor.

Find a Better Way

If there is an easier, better and shorter way to reach the end result desire, Taurus will find it and use it. The earth element forces Taurus to examine everything around her/him as a potential resource that can be wielded for personal gain.

Health Concerns for Taurus

Teeth problems are a constant issue for Taurus. The bull us susceptible to the common cold and winter flu. This infection usually involves the throat and ears. In the later years, Taurus will have trouble hearing and probably need extensive oral surgery.

Healing Earth Energy

Taurus has both feet firmly planted on the ground and receives an abundance of earth energy. The earth element gifts Taurus with the ability to heal from illnesses and injuries that would incapacitate others.

Taurus Interests and Pursuits

The earth element energy drives Taurus to explore all surroundings and to learn about everything the bull encounters. Taurus loves exploring and adventures. The accumulation of knowledge often leads to ways to increase wealth, and this gives Taurus twice the pleasure.

Earth Energy and Nature

The sensual pleasures of nature appeal to Taurus. You won't find Taurus hiking or canoeing. Instead, the bull prefers to graze in the pasture, soaking up the energy of the earth element. Taurus prefers to immerse in nature by lounging in a hammock seaside or reading a book riverside, listening to the rush of water over rocks, taking in the surrounding smells and sounds.

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Compatible Signs for Taurus

Taurus has several compatible zodiac signs. These include other earth element signs and water signs.

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Taurus and Fellow Earth Element Signs

Another earth element sign is a possible good match for Taurus as long as Capricorn and Virgo understand Taurus is in charge. A love relationship with another Taurus would have the two bulls locking horns too often.

Taurus and Water Element Signs

The water element zodiac signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio make good love matches with Taurus. The earth element provides form to the fluid water signs while the water element nurtures the earth element providing it with everything it needs to grow.

Incompatible Signs

There are some signs that simply aren't compatible to the earth element Taurus. These include fire and air signs.

Taurus and Zodiac Fire Element Signs

Fire signs, like Leo, Sagittarius and Aries will frustrate Taurus with their need to rush about from one activity to another. Taurus will appreciate the fire element's stamina, but ultimately will be scorched by what Taurus perceives as the fire's reckless careless pursuits and risks.

Taurus and Zodiac Air Element Signs

When it comes to air element signs like Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, the bull simply snorts and shakes its Taurus head. The air element zodiac signs seem feckless, unstable, ungrounded, and on a collision course with disaster and loss.

Gaining Insight into Taurus Earth Element

You can gain insight into the zodiac sign Taurus when you explore the many facets of the earth element ruling the bull. The earth element bestows these specific traits to Taurus to better serve in this zodiac sign's journey.

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Insight Into Taurus Earth Element