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How to Know If an Aquarius Man Likes You

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You just met a fascinating Aquarius man, but you want to know if he likes you. There are a few things an Aquarius man does when he likes you. Take a quick inventory to see if you impressed him.

1. An Aquarius Man Shows He Likes You by Flirting

An Aquarius man is intrigued with your ability to flirt. He might not always be the most adept flirt, but he enjoys the attention, so bring your best flirting game. In fact, being a better flirt than he will work to your advantage. When you achieve that special connection with him, you'll see it ignite in the depths of his eyes.

2. He Doesn't Want You to Leave

An Aquarius man doesn't come out and say he likes you. His signals are more sophisticated with little nuances you must interpret. For example, if you meet at a party and you start to move away from him, he may lightly touch your elbow to get you to turn around. He'll ask you a question and while you're mulling over your answer, he'll guide you to a quiet corner where he'll hail a waitstaff to get you a drink. Enjoy the attention.

3. He Engages You in Exciting Intellectual Discussions

Aquarius is an air sign, and like his fellow air signs, is an intellectual. He may be attracted to your outer beauty, but it's your mind that seduces him. When he likes you, he'll engage you in exciting philosophical, spiritual, political, and other in-depth topics of discussion. He wants to know who you are and how you think. Be honest to keep him interested since he knows when people lie to him.

4. He Hangs on Your Every Word

When an Aquarius man likes you, he is a captive audience. He'll listen to what you have to say and will have a million questions about how you derived at your opinions. For Aquarius, being on the same brain wave is the most important criteria for potential love interest. Make sure you have something interesting to say and answer his questions as a way to get him to reveal more about himself.

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5. He Shares Secrets About Himself

Aquarius doesn't express his emotions since he's more about sharing ideas and thoughts. However, once he gets to know you and trusts you, he'll share things about himself on a deeper level. He'll tell you things he's never told anyone and will expect you to keep his confidentiality. If you betray his trust, you'll never regain it, so guard his secrets as the precious gifts they are. Be a good listener.

6. He Invites You on One of His Fun Adventures

Aquarius is an adventurous zodiac sign. This man is intrigued and curious about everything in life. When he likes you, he'll invite you on one of his adventures. This could be a hot air balloon ride or a flight to Jamaica to swim with the dolphins. You just never know what is going to captivate his imagination, so hop on board the Aquarius train of adventure. Immerse yourself in the experience and have fun.

7. He Asks You to a New Age Art Show or Jazz Concert in the Park

An Aquarius man most likely has artistic talent, or at the very least, a great appreciation for the Arts. When he likes you, he'll want to share his love photography, painting, music or specialty art form by inviting you to a concert in the park or an art gallery opening. If it's a formal affair, make sure you don your best attire to give this invitation the importance it deserves.

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8. He Makes Small Romantic Gestures

An Aquarius man is all about the art of love. He believes in courting you with small romantic gestures and makes many. For example, he finds a single long stem red rose far sexier and more romantic than a dozen roses and he'll deliver the rose himself. In fact, he might recite you his favorite romantic poem or he may have written one just for you. Be sure you acknowledge this thoughtful gesture. You can let him know your interest by offering a small romantic gesture yourself, such as a car wash gift certificate, a month's supply of his favorite coffee blend, or a pair of tickets to a sports event.

9. He Asks You to Explore New Techniques or Events With Him

The Aquarius mind is drawn to all the newest ideas and theories. When an Aquarius man likes you, he can't wait to share his new discoveries with you, such as a yoga retreat or to watch a meteor shower from the local planetarium. He'll be excited and full of information he's learned about a new yoga technique or what makes this meteor shower special. You should be just as eager to hear all about it, so the two of you can explore it deeper.

10. He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

When Aquarius likes you, he can't wait to introduce you to his best friend and circle of eclectic friends. If all goes well, he'll then arrange to introduce you to his family. Both of these steps are his way of inviting you into his life. You can rest assured he is very serious about you when your relationship reaches this stage. If he hasn't met your friends and family yet, reciprocate as soon as you can so he receives the message that your lives are now conjoined.

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Ways to Stop Wondering if an Aquarius Man Likes You

There are several ways you can tell when an Aquarius man likes you. Once you identify a few of them, you can relax and enjoy your relationship with this special man.

How to Know If an Aquarius Man Likes You