How to Find Your Spirit Animal by Birthday

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You can use your birthday to find your spirit animal. There are different zodiac systems and a few are adaptable to finding your spirit animal for a guide along your spiritual journey.

Western Zodiac With Native American Spirit Animals by Birthday

There are many animals within the Western Zodiac, but they shouldn't be confused with spirit animals. Instead, Native American spirit animals are often assigned to the Western zodiac signs to provide a spiritual element and insight. The Native American spirit animals should be viewed as messengers. They may advise the zodiac sign to consider certain attributes that are in opposition to their zodiac nature or they may reinforce the sign's natural characteristics. Since the spirit animal messaging can be open to interpretation, it is a good idea to meditate on your spirit animal to discern how it can affect your spiritual path.

Western Zodiac Sign

Date Range

Native American Spirit Animal


March 21 - April 19



April 20 - May 20



May 21 - June 20



June 21 - July 22



July 23 - August 22



August 23 - September 22



September 23 - October 22



October 23 - November 21



November 22 - December 21



December 22 - January 19



January 20 - February 18



February 19 - March 20


Aries and Hawk

The hawk reminds Aries to be observant and patient. The hawk advises you to redirect your constant, fiery energy toward seeking the truth in all things. This is especially beneficial for spiritual growth.

Taurus and Beaver

The beaver reminds Taurus that patience is a virtue. The beaver is very industrious and guides you to finish all undertakings. You are advised to use this constructive energy in building and constructing your spiritual practice, such as yoga, prayer and meditation.

Gemini and Deer

The deer or stag reminds Gemini to slow down so you can notice the smaller beauties found in nature. The deer knows how to enjoy living in a herd, you can also learn how to be part of a family or larger social group. The deer enjoys life and seeks a peaceful existence, you can tap into this energy and use it to serve as a mediator.

Cancer and Woodpecker

The woodpecker reminds Cancer to drill down to those hidden deep-seated emotions. Keeping this type of old wounds tamped down makes them fester and become infected. This can corrupt your spiritual endeavors and generate grudges and even hatred. The woodpecker urges you to release these negative energies.

Leo and Salmon

The salmon fights to swim upstream and to spawn. Pacific salmon typically die from exhaustion, too weak to eat and too weak to swim back. The salmon reminds Leo to take down time to prevent being burned out from constantly being "on stage."

Virgo and Bear

The bear's message to Virgo is to be more demonstrative of emotions. You tend to guard your emotions and override them with logic. It's important to let others know you care.

Libra and Raven

The raven reminds Libra that to keep the scales in balance and justice to be served, you must practice compassion. The raven advised you to be a good listener and take into account the human factor when weighing situations.

Scorpio and Snake

The snake reminds Scorpio that its sting can be deadly and to take a breath or two before unleashing a tirade that can't be taken back. Diffusing emotions is an excellent practice instead of striking in the moment of anger or fear.

Sagittarius and Owl

The owl reminds Sagittarius that some things are cloaked in darkness and hidden from view. The owl advises you to look beyond the veil and superficial in order to see the truth.

Capricorn and Goose

The goose is a spiritual seeker and is driven to discover the truth in all things. Capricorn is advised not to become so ingrown that you overlook the wealth of love and friendship surrounding you.

Aquarius and Otter

The otter reminds Aquarius that holding on to personal standards, unique skills and talents are valuable tools. They can afford you a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Pisces and Wolf

The wolf can be pack oriented or a loner. The wolf spirit animal reminds Pisces that family is important and warns against living a solitary life hidden away from the world.

Celtic Animals

Celtic astrology calls on Druid symbolism imbued with the spirit of nature. Each range of dates is assigned to a tree that is believed to be the sacred, chosen residence of spirits. Each of the date ranges are also assigned to a spirit animal. Each animal serves to add clarity and depth to the characteristics of the tree spirits.

Celtic Tree




December 24 - January 20

Stag or Deer


January 21 - February 17



February 18 - March 17



March 18 - April 14



April 15 - May 12

Cow or Bull


May 13 - June 9



June 10 - July 7



July 8 - August 4



August 5 - September 1



September 2 - September 29



September 30 - October 27



October 28 - November 24



November 5 - December 23


Birch Tree and Stag

The stag or deer is an empathetic and intuitive animal. It brings you the desire to act on your psychic abilities and other worldly messages.

Tree with man deer

Rowan Tree and Cat

The cat is independent, resourceful and lands on their feet in almost any situation. This spirit animal gives you grace and intelligence in your spiritual journey.

Ash Tree and Snake

The snake can see past the masks people wear and observes minute details that might otherwise be missed. This spirit animal advises you to pay attention to the nuances of situations and your relationships, so you can see the divine.

Alder Tree and Fox

The fox is cunning and often tricks and outsmarts lesser intelligent rivals. This spirit animal gives you the ability to see past false prophets and any false teaching while on your spiritual path.

Willow Tree and Cow/Bull

The cow or bull steams head on to face and meet karma. This spirit animal encourages you to face your karma with an open heart and staunch believe in yourself.

Hawthorne Tree and Seahorse

The seahorse can maneuver around tight places and skirt obstacles to achieve success. This spirit animal encourages you to use all your talents, skills and resources in your spiritual quest.

Oak Tree and Wren

The tiny wren's energetic and industrious drive enable it to achieve everything it undertakes. This spirit animal appeals to your inner strength to assess and choose the right path in your spiritual development.

Holly Tree and Horse

The horse has powerful energy and amazing stamina to see goals to completion. This spirit animal reminds you not to give up when things get difficult. You can call on the horse's energies to bolster you and guide you to achieve your spiritual goals.

Hazel Tree and Salmon

The salmon goes against the current to achieve its directive. This spirit animal ensures you can conquer anything that stands between you and your spiritual nature or quest.

Vine Tree and Swan

The swan has constant energy and doesn't stop for obstacles. This spirit animal advises you to keep the faith and muster through any moments of doubt, and spiritual enlightenment is within your reach.

Ivy Tree and Butterfly

The butterfly understands how going through challenges can be a transformation process for spiritual growth. This spirit animal reminds you that each level of spiritual growth you achieve will transform you in different ways that are beautiful and life-changing.

Woman sitting on ivy-covered soil looking at a butterfly

Reed Tree and Wolf

The wolf is versatile enough to travel in a pack or as a loner while remaining powerful and self-sufficient. This spirit animal advises you to be true to yourself and not allow others to influence you or your spirituality. Discovery is part of your spiritual evolution and sometimes needs to be done without the support of a pack.

Elder Tree and Falcon

The falcon or hawk has foresight and the courage to aim high and achieve ambitions and goals. This spirit animal reminds you to use discernment along your spiritual path and not become distracted by what may appear to be a shortcut.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals aren't spirit animals. However, you can use them as a spirit animal by tapping into your zodiac animal's characteristics and essence to guide you in spiritual growth and development.

Use Your Birthday to Find Your Spirit Animal

When you use your birthday to find your spirit animal, you gain a better understanding of the energies your birthday attracts. Your spirit animal(s) can guide you to greater self-knowledge and enlightenment.

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