How Does a Taurus Handle a Breakup?

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How a Taurus manages and handles a breakup depends on which end of the breakup the bull is on. If Taurus ends the relationship, the bull's reaction is quite different from a Taurus who is dumped.

What to Expect When Your Taurus Dumps You

Knowing how a Taurus approaches a breakup begins with examining Taurus as an earth sign. The grounded bull is very stubborn. Cemented in a decision, Taurus rarely changes his/her mind.

Taurus Rarely Changes a Mindset

Keep this thought in mind if you are planning to rekindle your love affair with Taurus. It will be very difficult to convince Taurus that breaking up with you was a mistake.

How Do Taurus Signs Breakup With Lovers?

Taurus will approach the subject of a breakup the same way the bull approaches any negative event- gently. This means Taurus will most likely take you out to eat and at the end of the evening announce things have changed.

Taurus Desires the Breakup to Be Painless

The goal for Taurus to make the breakup easier for you. However, Taurus has made a difficult decision and genuinely feels it's best for each of you to move on.

Will Taurus Come Back After a Breakup?

The usual answer to the question about Taurus coming back after a breakup is, "No!" There is a good reason Taurus broke up with you and it took Taurus a while to reach that decision.

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Taurus Doesn't Make Rash Decisions

Taurus didn't just wake up the morning of your breakup and decide it was time to end things. The bull has been contemplating your separation for quite some time before finally taking action. The bull is a slow mover and doesn't like change, especially when it comes to breaking up a life shared with a lover.

Inner Emotional Battle

That means your Taurus lover spent a lot of agonizing hours weighing the pros and cons of a breakup. In fact, Taurus doesn't like emotional conflicts and avoided making a decision, putting it off as long as possible.

No Contact Rule With a Taurus Man

Some people may advise you to try to reconcile immediately with your bull, but most relationship experts agree, no contact is best. When it comes to Taurus, it is possible no contact will make him curious.

Does Taurus Miss You?

You may ask, "Does Taurus miss me as much as I miss him?" The answer depends on the circumstances of your breakup. However, Taurus doesn't let an ex-lover play on those sensitive heart strings, so if you attempt to play games, you'll lose.

How to Know When Taurus Is Done With You

If your breakup was emotional and extremely negative, chances are Taurus won't extend a "Let's be friends' invitation." If you aren't clear about your after-the-breakup status, you will be if your Taurus ex-lover doesn't respond to your text messages, voicemails and ignores your private messages on social media. These are good indicators that Taurus is done with you. It is time for you to move on because it's clear your Taurus heartthrob has.

How Does a Dumped Taurus Handle a Breakup?

If Taurus is on the receiving end of a breakup, the bull's reaction is quite different. Taurus's first reaction will be surprise and disbelief. After the shock has worn off, the bull may become angry.

Choose a Public Place to Breakup with Taurus

This is not a tirade you want to be around to hear. Just as an angry bull snorts and bellows, your Taurus lover may respond vocally. However, more mature bulls have learned to rein in their angry outbursts. It's best to do your breakup in public so you can avoid the worst-case scenario. The bull always displays self-control in public.

Taurus Reaction After Being Dumped

Taurus will retreat to their home haven to lick their wounds after a breakup. Introspection may follow as the bull attempts to track down what happened to derail your relationship.

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Wallowing in Sorrow

Taurus may spend some time mourning over the end of your relationship. It's not unusual for the bull to take a long time to accept that your relationship is over. Remember, Taurus doesn't move through emotions quickly.

Taurus May Attempt Reconciliation After a Breakup

Depending on the reason you broke up with your Taurus lover, you may find the bull attempts to reconcile. You'll first receive a very brief nonchalant text message, probably inquiring how you are doing after your breakup. This will be followed by an invitation to meet up for coffee.

After the Breakup Meetup

Taurus will be eager to see you to gauge how you're doing after the breakup and if you've had second thoughts. If all goes well after your coffee date, Taurus will invite you to a very nice restaurant to continue your conversation. If making up is not your agenda, you should put the skids on any further dates, otherwise, the bull will take your acceptance as a desire to reconcile.

Taurus Will Remain Your Friend

If reconciliation isn't what you want, Taurus will ask to remain friends. The bull usually remains good friends with an ex. In fact, that can sometimes become an issue with a current lover. Sharing Taurus with an ex- isn't the best way to start a relationship or maintain a relationship, but when you become the ex- it may be a very desirable ending to your love affair.

Taurus Can Handle a Breakp With Finesse

Taurus can handle any type of breakup with finesse. The main consideration for the two of you is whether you wish to remain friends after your breakup.

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How Does a Taurus Handle a Breakup?