How to Apologize to an Aquarius Man

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
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Apologizing to anyone can be traumatic, especially if hurt feelings abound. It's said the real trick to making up is to admit you were wrong, and he was right. This is especially true with an Aquarian man. These guys are always right, even if they are wrong. However, if the wrong you committed is not over the top, you approach him in the right way, and come up with a compelling argument as to why you wronged him, these unpredictable guys might even laugh the whole thing off.

Saying I'm Sorry to an Aquarian Man

Aquarius is the fixed air sign, which means an Aquarian man is stubborn and cerebral, and it's difficult to play on his emotions. With these cool characters, it's not only what you say, it's how you say it.

If you're apologizing to an Aquarian man:

  • Ground yourself.
  • Be open and honest, but keep your emotions at bay.
  • Don't allow yourself to get defensive, play the blame game, or argue.
  • Be sincere, clear, and logical in saying what you have to say.
  • Acknowledge what you did and offer an honest explanation for your actions.
  • Be prepared to talk things out.
  • Be ready to make amends.
  • Be open to any ideas he might have for repairing the damage.
  • If he wants to vent, listen and don't interrupt or try to defend your actions.

Then back off and give him space to process it all, but accept he might not accept your apology or even acknowledge you at all.

Why an Aquarian Man Is Mad at You

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Aquarians don't know how to tell you that they're disappointed. They just grow quiet when they're hurt or angry and have few words to express how upset they are. However, if you're getting the silent treatment, you can bet you've done something that has upset him, even if you don't know or can't remember what it is.

Consider that any attempt to challenge this man's basic Aquarian traits is likely to hurt, anger, or irritate him.

For example:

  • Being unnecessarily confrontational
  • Letting your emotions get the best of you
  • Not letting him do things his way
  • Not giving him room to breathe
  • Trying to change him
  • Telling him that he doesn't know what he's talking about
  • Hovering over him
  • Demanding that he conform to your rules and regulations
  • Acting selfish, greedy, or unkind

If you don't know why an Aquarian man is giving you the silent treatment, just calmly state your case, and he'll be happy to discuss your failing. When apology time comes, approach the apology in the right manner. Also, bear in mind an Aquarian always comes from a place of social justice. This means you might have to pay in some way to make amends. Just saying I'm sorry will not likely be enough.

Mates, Lovers, Good Friends, and Others

If you're important to an Aquarius man, he'll be very sensitive to your actions and behavior toward him, and it's possible you can easily hurt or anger him. On the other hand, an Aquarian man can have rather thick skin and not be so easily hurt by those he considers only acquaintances.


If you're married to an Aquarians man, you probably know he doesn't handle emotions well. So, you'll have better luck making up with your Aquarius mate if you're open and honest and avoid getting all emotional and teary-eyed on him. Calmly acknowledge you hurt him, explain why, and most importantly tell him you didn't mean to hurt him. The calmer and more conciliatory you are when making your apology, the more his heart will soften.


Apologizing to an Aquarian lover is a little more difficult than to a mate. It just not the same sort of commitment. An Aquarian man tends to be fickle when it comes to lovers and can break up with you in a minute if you hurt them or make them angry.

So, make amends as soon as you can and select a time when you know he won't be distracted. Then give him a call and sincerely say you're sorry. You must be composed, mature, not emotionally overwrought, and follow all the guidelines listed for apologizing to an Aquarius man.

However, if he doesn't want to talk or won't acknowledge your apology, tell him you still want to be his friend. Then tell him you'll miss him but if he wants you out of his life, you'll accept it, then leave him alone. You've done all you can, anything more will only aggravate him. The next move is up to him.

Good Friends

An Aquarian man has formed his own ideas of right and wrong and when a friend steps over the line, he'll be hurt and angry. However, if you've been a true friend from the beginning, he won't abandon that friendship.

Friendships are important to an Aquarian; he cares deeply about his friends and would not easily give one up. If you have in some way hurt or angered him and he's made himself scarce, try to make peace with him as soon as you can. Tell him you've missed him, that you were wrong, and ask what you can do to make it up to him. Keep it friendly, and he's likely to accept your apology. Of course, you might be on probation for a while, but that's better than being shunned and ignored.


At work and in casual situations, Aquarius men can detach from slight offenses or any emotional drama and get on with what's important. They don't like to argue or make a scene and want their interactions with others to be as peaceful and congenial as possible.

However, if you've wronged an Aquarian co-worker or casual acquaintance and want to tell them you're sorry for what you did, ask if you can talk to them in private, be sincere, say you genuinely regret what you did and it won't happen again, and then propose a way to make amends. It's likely he'll say it's no problem, and the two of you can shake hands and go your separate ways with no hard feelings.

Don't Cross the Line

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In most cases if you hurt or anger an Aquarian man, he'll ignore you and give you the silent treatment, but there are exceptions. If you've done something so over the line even you know how bad the thing you did was, say a betrayal of some sort, you may be toast.


These guys have a habit of bottling their emotions up until they hit the boiling point and then exploding. If you emotionally push an Aquarius man watch out because he has a dark side. He can become mean, even ruthless, and cause a scene that will shock everyone around. He'll yell, shout, bring up things you've done in the past, and get very nasty and ugly.

In the end, he may try to disengage himself to let his emotions subside and just declare you severely disappointed him. However, an Aquarius man's uncontrolled fury can be so volatile that even when he cools down, the damage he's done to the relationship can be irreparable, and there's little you or he can do to patch things up.

More Than his Aquarius Sun

The Sun sign is important, but every Aquarius man is much more than just his Sun sign. What could hurt his feelings and emotions are better defined by the Moon and the actions he'd take if wronged by Mars. However, it's Venus that best describes how he'd hear and consciously respond to an apology. Of course, the rest of the horoscope plays its part, as well. So, knowing exactly what can hurt or anger an Aquarius man, exactly how he'll deal with it, and how you should apologize to him is more complicated than the Sun alone. However, everything in the chart is tainted by an Aquarian man's primary nature, and what's written above should go a long way in helping you patch things up with him. The most important thing to remember is not to let your emotions get the best of you and bring out the worst in him.

How to Apologize to an Aquarius Man